Was trying to think of what to call this post – ups and downs, change, movement. But ultimately, when I thought about it this is what life is all about, particularly at this stage in my life.

Things are ever changing, always on the move, one minute great news, one minute not great news. You go with the flow, try to ride it out and make sure that everyone is happy on the journey as much as you can.

A few posts ago I talked about change and uncertainty and how I wasn’t dealing massively well with it. I’m never going to be great at dealing with things outside of my control (how I survive 2 toddlers is beyond me) but things are getting better at the moment.

We have managed to sort out our childcare situation after our current (amazing) nanny decided to pursue a new career. We’ve decided to have a new nanny who seems also really nice until September when we will most likely move both kids to a local childminder. She lives across the road and I get a really good feeling about her but she doesn’t have space until September. Most importantly, I will have someone good right now to look after the kids and won’t have to take time off work. So that box appears to be ticked.

Career-wise, I have started a new role which I have to say I am finding totally fascinating. It really gets to the heart of how we run our business and I am growing and learning and thinking. It feels like a bit of a new beginning for me. I also feel like my confidence has grown a lot and that I have the ‘right’ to be in the position I am and can also help the rest of the business. Even more exciting is that I am trying to float a completely new idea which is in line with a longer term career idea I have. My energy has come back.

Managed to also get my sh*t together finally on sorting out what to do for my 4 week sabbatical in May. I am going to Milan on my own for a week to meet up with one of my best friends who lives there. We are going to travel somewhere in Italy together for a few days and  then I’ll hang out in Milan for a couple of days while she is at work. I haven’t been back to Milan since I left there 9 years ago (I lived there for nearly 6) and it will be a little odd but I think it will be good for me to do. Very much looking forward to spending some time with my friend and grateful that my husband doesn’t mind looking after the kids for a week!

Then we are heading to Spain for 2 weeks as a family. We’ve rented a villa on the coast not far from Barcelona. Not entirely sure what the weather will be like but we’ve got a heated outdoor pool so hopefully the kids (and us) will get some use out of it even it is is not that warm.


this is the place are staying in


Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can eat out here every day


Can’t wait to see the kids splashing around in here!


This is where I intend to spend my time!

As you can imagine, I am counting down the days till we head off. We really could use some family time together away from the normal daily routine. I am already teaching Munchkin boy some little words of spanish and he seems to have picked up some himself from watching Dora the explorer or something on Nick Jr.!

Next on the immediate horizon is the delightful fact that Jer and I are having our 2nd time away from the kids ever and are going on a 24 hour escape in London. We are heading off at lunchtime next Friday and coming back lunchtime on the Saturday. To make the most of our time we’ve decided not to travel anywhere far but go into London and do all the things we used to do when we were young, free and not parents! We’ve booked into the Langham hotel for a night.


and are having dinner at Locanda Locatelli


Apparently the food is delicious!

The thing I think we are both looking forward to is a lie in the next morning. Imagine waking up, not because someone is singing ABCs at the top of their voice or because someone else is throwing all their toys out of the cot but because…you just did.

I have a feeling we will both be awake by 7am anyway but if we are then…

I honestly can’t wait to spend some quality time with my husband.

For the rest, today I am at home in bed because Munchkin boy has passed on his conjunctivitis to me and my eyes were glued shut this morning. Poor darling boy has had it for a few days now and I totally sympathise, it is no fun at all.

Generally though, life is good. There are lots of things to look forward to and if the odd curveball gets thrown my way then I just have to remember that.

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7 Responses to Life

  1. tee2072 says:

    It all sounds very exciting! I am envious of your time away with you and Jer. Have a great time!

    • londonmum says:

      it is a gift. Seems unbelievably exciting to get this time to ourselves. The offer is there when you come to stay with us if you want to go for a meal etc..x

      • tee2072 says:

        Thanks! I’m about to take full advantage of my mom being here and I hope you are doing the same. 😀

  2. How funny! We are in Barcelona in May too. I am hoping we have lovely weather too as we have booked a hotel on the beach. Have a fabulous time at the Langham, my brother-in-law just treated his wife to a stay there after surgery and they had a marvellous time. Breakfast sounds to die for.
    Enjoy your hard-earned rest and travel!

  3. Alexandra says:

    oh wow your holidays sound amazing. i am off to Milan in 3 days for the first time (coincidence?) and Barcelona is my favourite city. Your villa looks amazing. I hope you have a wonderful time (gosh I would love to go on a child free holiday!)

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