Today I got a text message from my nanny which started with ‘Don’t worry but…’

My immediate reaction is to descend for a few moments into blind panic until I calm down enough to read the rest of the message. It carried on to say that the cupcake baby had been bitten on the nose by another kid at a soft play centre near our house. My initial reaction was worry followed by a dose of ‘well, she’s ok now and sometimes other kids bite.’

That was until I got home and saw her face and heard the full story. This 3 year old had not just given her a little nip. He’d gone to town on her nose, properly biting it enough to draw substantial amounts of blood and leave her with marks on either side of her precious, snubby little nose. Apparently, the mother of this kid was extremely apologetic and was trying to manage her kid plus a two month old baby. So, to a certain extent I sympathise.

But….my kids have never bitten anyone. Sure, they both went through a phase around the 12 month mark where they would give me or their dad a little nip. They would then be told pretty firmly that it wasn’t a particular smart move and it didn’t progress. This kid was 3. Old enough, I think, to know biting a little girl really hard on her face is not allowed.

I don’t know, I can feel the angry mamma bear in me growling. I can’t wrap them up in cotton wool but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to most of the time.

No pictures of the wounded cupcake baby as I couldn’t actually bring myself to take a photo of her wee face like that.

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9 Responses to Growling

  1. Shelley says:

    I’ve never heard of one child biting another on the face. How did he even get close enough to her to do it.
    I,too, feel some empathy for the mother but this doesn’t sound like typical “biting stage” stuff to me. And I think most kids do it closer to 2 not 1 and I agree 3 is too old.

    • londonmum says:

      bad right? That place is chaotic and he did it before Fi could get to her. I am sure the mum was doing her best but still, that is behaviour that needs cracked down at that age. Or just don’t bring your kid to a place like that.

  2. The Yogic Housewife says:

    Oh poor little cupcake baby, maybe the mother should muzzle her child when they are put in public! Ouch.

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  3. How horrible for her, biting is common amongst children..but I haven’t heard of biting another child’s face 😦 I hope your Angel heals quickly. You have every right to be growling, sadly we can’t wrap them in cotton wool against the actions of others, this is how they learn – though this lesson is probably one that wasn’t required or warranted. 😦

  4. tee2072 says:

    I hope she’s okay, how horrible for all of you!

  5. I have to admit that my first was a biter. It is horrifying to go to day care to pick up my 2-3 year old only to find they got “written up ” for biting another child. I totally understand your mama bear instinct and your poor little cupcake!! But I can tell you that other mom was probably mortified and I have known how helpless it feels to be “that” parent. Hope she feels better!

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