My Christmas Wish List

I have been tagged by the very lovely Nicola at The Yogic Housewife  (please check out her blog, it’s a ray of sunshine) to write my own Christmas Wish list.

This is kind of a tricky one as my husband has been asking me what I want for Christmas for weeks now and I can’t actually think of anything. To be perfectly honest, I want for nothing and whilst this may sound very ‘happy clappy’ I have everything I need when my family is safe and well and happy.

However, am keen to enter into the spirit of this so here goes:

Wish number 1)

We are flying to Oregon this Christmas to visit my husband’s family. We have an 11 hour flight  + a change over + another 1 hour flight. I am sick to my stomach at the very thought. So I wish for this:

sleeping-kids-in-flight-361x400These are not my children by the way, I ‘borrowed’ the picture from an article on how to travel peacefully with small children. I read a lot of these at the moment. They are all highly positive (and highly misleading!).

Wish number 2)

I wish that I will stop worrying about:  the flights, the logistics of staying with 3 different family members in 2 weeks, that Cupcake baby will scream for the entire 2 weeks, that Munchkin boy will suddenly become more of a moody teenager than he has been the last week, that they won’t have suitable food for organic fed children in America  and I will be forced to feed them McDonalds every day (ha ha ha) and so on, and so on and so on. So I am adding an extra bit to enable this wish, I’d like copious amounts of this please:


Wish number 3)

If I really, REALLY, have to wish for an actual present then I would quite like these, please:


Sigh, I am in love with these shoes…..

but really this is what I wish for the most:

Wish number 4)

In my last post I mentioned that a family member has a sick little boy. I also am thinking a lot about a friend of mine whose little girl (aged the same age as Cupcake baby) has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. I really, really wish that both these families receive miracles and that at the very least, they get to spend a pain free holiday period.

Now I would love to see the Christmas Wish Lists from:



Dianne Gray






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5 Responses to My Christmas Wish List

  1. Having great health and quality life is one great wish we can ask for ourselves and others this Christmas. Wonderful list. Wishing you and your family all the joys this Holiday Season.

  2. Shelley says:

    I fully understand the angst of travelling with 2 small children and/but if memory serves me Aidan has always travelled very weil. May he continue to do so. And hopefully Grace will follow suit. If all else fails there’s always benedryl [:)] and lots of kids movies on an ipad or similar to help them fall asleep and pass the time. Is it a day flight or a night flight?

    We head out to CA today and even though we stay in continental United States it’s a 12 hour ordeal. We get into SFO at 12:30 AM body time and then we have to get luggage and get to the hotel.
    If anyone ever finds an easy way to fly long distances please let me know!!

    Fly safe….much love

  3. The Yogic Housewife says:

    Fingers crossed for you to get the shoes and the gin….the rest is up to luck, prayers and the will of young children x

  4. I am very flattered that I am on your list – thank you 🙂

    My Christmas wish – Umm let me see I like you want for nothing. I have a healthy loving family. I have a wardrobe of clothes (though that has only truly come into being over the last 5 years) that I don’t need to stress about “What in gods name do I wear this morning”!? and I ALWAYS have a bottle of gin handy 🙂 Shoes the Jimmy’s are GORGEOUS! As far as long flights and wee ones I haven’t had to tackle that task, but Vernergan – like Benedryl – a light knock out drop would probably be the answer 🙂

    My Christmas wish right here…right now… without sounding like ‘I need a straw’ would be that Quentin and your friends little girl are released from pain or suffering and that they find cures.
    For no child should be in pain, no child should suffer, no child’s life should be cut short.
    That is my Christmas Wish.

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