It’s a small world

This morning I went to a coffee morning with some of the mums from Munchkin’s nursery class. There were six of us and it was good to take some time out to get to know new people and talk about the kids etc.

One of the mums is American and when I asked her whereabouts she was from, she told me she was from Oregon. This is the same state in the US where my husband is from. She was pretty excited as told me that in the six years that she has lived in the UK she has never met anyone from Oregon. She seemed really nice and her two kids are the same age as ours. I think we’ll hang out.

The other coincidence is that one of the other mums not only went to the same university as me in Manchester but also lived in the same halls of residence that I did. It was a pretty big hall but I think the chances of that happening are pretty remote.

So, in a suburb of London, in a small nursery class, there are two people in Munchkin’s class that we now have some sort of connection with.

Am now starting to think that Kevin Bacon isn’t the centre of the universe but maybe I am 😉 (p.s. for UK based people, are you loving those ads as much as I am?)

On a less fun note, Munchkin boy was off school the last couple of days as he has been sick but seemed better today. I got him home from school and he was complaining of an ouchy tummy. To be honest, I thought he was making it up as he had been fine. Turns out he wasn’t making it up and was sick again. Luckily I managed to get him to do it into the recycling bin! Poor boy..

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5 Responses to It’s a small world

  1. tee2072 says:

    Oh no! I hope he feels better soon.

  2. It is a small small world. Glad that you have made an otherwise unknown connection. Poor Munchkin boy – but I did giggle about the recycle bin! 🙂

  3. diannegray says:

    Poor little Munchkin boy – I hope he feels better soon 😦

    It really is a small world!

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