Great River Race – I rowed, rowed, rowed my boat 21 miles down the Thames

At the finish line

It has been absolutely ages since I have written a post for this blog, shame on me. Sometimes life just gets a bit busy that it is hard to take the time to write about it.

However, yesterday I took part in something a bit special so I thought I’d share it. Many months back, after several glasses of wine, I agreed to be part of a team at work which was going to be in the Great River Race. This race takes place every year in London and involves rowing from the Docklands to Ham House, approximately 21 miles, involving about 300 boats. My company sponsors the event and this year we entered 7 boats in total.

Exercise really ain’t my thing at all and I have never rowed in my life, especially not something as bonkers as 21 miles. But…it is something I have fancied doing for a while and I wanted a goal/target to help me shift the extra weight after Cupcake baby was born. So I did it, trained over several weeks, worried a lot that I’d collapse in a heap and generally tried my best.

We set off mid morning in our Dragon boat (these boats involve using a paddle not an oar) with my 15 other team mates and paddled non stop for 2 hours 57 minutes. Highlights for me were: going under Tower Bridge, rowing past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, hearing all the people clapping on the 27 bridges we went under, seeing my husband and kids at the finish line. Lowlights involved seeing 2 other Dragon boats sink right before our eyes in the choppy water at the start of the race! Apparently 4 or 5 dragon boats sank because they were so heavy!

Best highlight of all? Raising over £4000 for charity. We raised £1500 with our justgiving page (still open for sponsorship here!), my company matched part of that plus as my boat was the fastest of the eBay teams, we got another £2000 for our charity, Breast Cancer Campaign.

I am so glad I did it, for many reasons and I might even do it again next year 🙂

team seabay

The SeaBay Dragons

winning kiss

relief that we made it!

sporting mummy’s breast cancer campaign hat

Was so much fun to try something completely, challenge myself and.. able to get into favourite jeans at the end!!

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7 Responses to Great River Race – I rowed, rowed, rowed my boat 21 miles down the Thames

  1. Shelley says:

    Good for you:O) Hard to tell where you’re sitting in the boat…..which person is you?

  2. Emma says:

    Very proud of you love xoxo.

  3. bebehblog says:

    That’s amazing! I always have to remind myself that when you talk about “my company” you mean EBAY. Because I always imagine a cute little marketing firm or something until, OH YEAH. Congrats on the race, what an accomplishment!

    • londonmum says:

      I love the fact you think I work somewhere like that! Thanks for the congrats. More importantly though hope Caroline is on the mend and that everyone, especially mum is feeling better x

  4. Oh my gosh, just saw this post. My husband rowed in this race last year. I took my daughter down to cheer him on. He didn’t compete in 2012 as we had just had our son and were in the middle of a house move. Congratulations on the row and who knows, maybe we’ll back in 2013!?

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