Olympic torch relay – right outside my door!

Today the Olympic torch relay came through Kingston on its way to the final destination at the Olympic park for the start of the games on Friday. We were super fortunate as the parade passed right on our road and the handover from one carrier to the other was pretty much in front of our door. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and had a feeling it might not be that exciting. However, lots of people came out, waved flags and there was a real feeling of fun and excitement. My parents are over staying so they came out with us and we brought the kids. Munchkin boy was probably more interested in all the big police motorbikes than the torch itself but I have a feeling this may become one of his first memories!  I also got to chat briefly to the guy who was about to pick up the torch to run the next leg. He was very nice and obviously very proud to be able to to do this. He’d taken part in the Calgary winter olympics.

Here are some of the pictures from this morning:

Olympic torch handover

Handing over the torch to the next bearer

running with the olympic torch

proud bearer

olympic torch

the torch

police mascot

police with the new mascot – who on earth designed that?

olympic bus

Me and the cupcake baby beside the bus carrying all the bearers

munchkin boy

Husband and Munchkin boy enjoying the parade






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