what a day

Sick baby girl – snotty and poopy


Dropping my engagement ring down the side of the passenger seat in my car and spending 20 minutes trying to fish it out whilst scraping most of the skin off my hand


being therefore late for my 1st meeting


being late for every subsequent meeting


receiving messages about sick baby girl being taken to the doctor by my nanny whilst in all of the above meetings and feeling worried and guilty


having it announced in a meeting that I was taking on a new role at work before I have actually agreed to it


a male work colleague coming up and saying congratulations to me. When I asked what for he replied “on being very obviously pregnant”


I am not pregnant


a very bad migraine

I should never have got out of my bed this morning…

Realise I haven’t posted in ages and really I should post some nice pretty pictures but couldn’t resist this one!


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