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4 Responses to #silentsunday

  1. mumof4 says:

    Seeing as you tagged it ‘I made this’ I am even more impressed. If I were indeed properly middle aged (instead of just toying with the idea) I could collect glass paperweights like these. very well done! Love the colours too….did you know the finished product would be these colours exactly? Only ask because we did a school glass blowing trip last year and the final colours surprised us given what they used in the blowing bit. (that sounds bad – hope you know what I mean!!).

    • londonmum says:

      Thank you! I am planning to put up a longer post about it but I went on a glass blowing workshop last weekend. I have always wanted to try it and my husband gave me this as a Christmas gift. The man teaching it was brilliant and I got to make 3 pieces including that one. The whole colour thing is interesting because I picked out the colours I wanted but when you make the glass it is so hot that everything looks orange. I didn’t get to see the actual colours into I went to pick up the pieces a week later.
      The whole experience was great and I would love to try it some more.
      Ps. Nothing middle aged about collecting paper weights 😉 if you do take it up let me know and I’ll help add to the collection.

      • mumof4 says:

        That is so very sweet of you! We went last year with my 10 year old’s class. They always have to do an ‘auction project’ for the school fundraiser and the teacher had bought glass from these 2 guys…. it was fascinating to see how it all works. I thought it very time consuming for the price they sold the actual products for….but I could have watched it all day. This may also come somewhat from having been to Whitby regularly as a child and watching how they made their famous lucky ducks…. (not sure if you know what I am talking about)…? Anyhow, the glass blowers last year, one of them had done a glass mould of his pregnant wife’s belly cast. He didn’t properly include the boobs though (I have a belly cast from pregnancy #3 and it is all belly and boobs so you can at least see what it is)… so the glass version whilst impressive looked a bit like a sink!

  2. londonmum says:

    Jeez having seen how they make glass now the idea of the whole belly cast sounds super dangerous!!! Will have to check out the ducks 🙂

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