Foodie? – how to keep your recipe ideas with you on the move

Had an idea the other day that a few people I have shown it to thought was cool. So I thought I’d share in case you find it useful too.

I have a habit of reading through recipe books and thinking “ooo I’d love to make that”, sometimes I’ll mark the page and sometimes I write the recipe out. But mostly I forget. Then I find myself in the supermarket the next day struggling to remember what was in the recipe or to invent something else to eat.

So the other day I experimented with just taking a photo of the page with the recipe in it with my iPhone. Obviously, will work with any other phone which has a decent camera and a big enough screen!

See here how it looks:

I made that chicken curry by the way and it was delicious. If you are interested I can share the how to make it!

Plus, you can also do this even if you don’t have a great phone camera. I showed it to my mum and as she carries her little point and shoot compact camera with her she was able to do this too!

So there you go: my tip of the week 🙂

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