Best laid plans…

Our plan was to go to a wedding this weekend. The wedding of a very good friend of mine. Even better we would combine this with a family visit and stay with my brother and his family. The cousins would get to hang out, the grandparent would come visit too and see their grand kiddies playing together.
Spots arrived. Or more specifically what appear to be chickenpox spots arrived on the Munchkin boy.
The doctor yesterday said she was over 50% sure they were chickenpox which meant that the boy shouldn’t fly and neither should his baby sister who is probably in the infectious stage.
So we made the call that I should come on my own and that my hero husband would look after the kids.

The bad parts? Not having all the family together, feeling like bad mummy for abandoning sick son, not getting to go on my date day with my husband and dance and drink and have fun together.

The good parts? Getting to spend proper one on one time with my nephew without worrying about jealous children, enjoying the wedding knowing that my kiddies are not freaking out slightly unfamiliar adults, seeing my buddies, flying without kids, the first time away with my kids apart from work since Munchkin was born, munchkin boy seeming totally fine apart from the spots.

It is a shame but it ain’t all bad.

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2 Responses to Best laid plans…

  1. I am so glad I found your blog at ramblingsfromamum. I’m just enjoying it so much. Fantastic.

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