what being a mum is all about

I wish I knew the definitive world changing answer to this question. I’d love to be able to enlighten anyone reading this who is considering going down the route of becoming one. I hate to disappoint but I don’t have that answer.

What I can do on this wonderful Mother’s Day is share some realisations about being a mum that have struck me today.

My best friend from childhood, Emma, had her first baby yesterday. I can’t explain the emotion this fact invokes in me. The fact that she is now a mum shocks me, even though I am a mum myself. My childhood friend is no longer a “child”, she is a parent. That she has embarked on this crazy journey as well overwhelms me and I wish she didn’t live all the way away in Canada so I could go and give her a hug. I know a few details including the fact that her husband has said the delivery was rough. I hope she’s ok and that she’s well enough to cope with the first few brain melting weeks of motherhood. Congratulations my lovely friend, well done and hooray, welcome to the world, Leo.

Last night, I went out for drinks and dinner and eventually clubbing with my “mum” friends. We were part of the same NCT group when expecting our first kids and luckily actually like each other. One of us is getting married next week so we had the perfect excuse for a girls night out. Much bubbly was drunk, much discussion was had of wedding dresses, ex boyfriends but mostly about our kids. Some of us are working mums, some of us aren’t. Some of us have more than one kid now, some of us don’t. We all like an excuse to get glammed up and have a giggle. Being a mum has brought something unexpected to my life, it is has given me new friends in my life.

This morning, I paid dearly for my over enthusiastic glugging of the aforementioned bubbly. I got the lie in I had asked for until approximately 9am. My hopes of spending the day in pyjamas and drinking copious cups of tea were shattered by the hysterical cries of Munchkin boy. I rushed downstairs to see my husband examining Munchkin’s tummy and hearing him say he was “ouchy”. He wouldn’t stop crying and when he tried to walk he was clutching his stomach and walking all lopsidedly. All of this is so not like him so we took the speedy decision to take him to A & E. I had last night’s make up still on my face, not brushed my hair and had no time for a cup of tea, nevermind breakfast. But none of this really matters when your child is ill.

Waiting in the children’s area of A & E were many other parents and I got chatting to a couple of other mums while we were waiting. One little boy had a bad rash and his mum feared it might be scarlet fever.  We both commented on how this wasn’t the way we had pictured spending mother’s day. Luckily all of our children were not seriously ill and whilst it was a bit scary it all worked out in the end. Typically, by the time Munchkin boy actually saw a doctor he was bouncing off the walls with energy and grinning from ear to ear. Turns out he was just a bit “blocked up” shall we say. Nothing a bit of fruit and lots of water couldn’t sort out.

I got home and was given a lovely handmade card from my babies and a beautiful one from my husband wishing me a happy mother’s day. I cried.

What can I say? I’m a mum… we’re a bit soft like that..

Love to all mothers out there, including my own very special one.

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2 Responses to what being a mum is all about

  1. Shelley says:

    Unfortunately little ones don’t know it’s a day when they’re not supposed to be sick. Glad Aidan is okay and Happy Mother’s Day:O)

    I wonder why the UK celebrates in March and the US celebrates in May/

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