Latest vintage dress buys

Rainy afternoons and browsing through vintage dresses on eBay for me are a match made in heaven.

I succumbed to two new dresses, one of which I think I will love and another which I am not entirely sure of. However, both of them together came to the grand total of £40 so I should be ok.

Here’s the 1960s black number

1960 black dress

back of the dress

and here is the other green floral number. Not entirely sure I will love this one but will see when it arrives.

a bit maggie T esque

Looking forward to them arriving so I can see if I got myself a bargain or two after all!

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5 Responses to Latest vintage dress buys

  1. I love them! Great finds!

  2. Shelley says:

    Wish I still had my old wardrobe. You could just come shopping in my closet:O)

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