Back at work

Well, today was my 1st day back at work after 8 months off on maternity leave. It was a day I had been dreading but the day itself was much easier than doing it first time round.

Here’s my summary of the day:

The Bad –

– baby girl has developed a nasty cold and is very snuffly – I felt guilty leaving

– husband has now got the same tummy bug I had on Saturday – I felt guilty leaving

– toddler boy throwing up his dinner and milk after his bath (he was sick last week but I thought he was over it) – I felt guilty having left him…

– my new tummy control knickers cutting off all circulation from the waist down

– realising that nothing had moved forward on some projects I had worked on before I left!

The Good –

– knowing I was leaving the kids with someone I trust

– giving my son a hug and a kiss goodbye and him not getting upset

– a new 15 minute commute to work (we moved house while I was on maternity leave)

– lots of people stopping by my desk to say hello

– being able to access all the programmes etc I needed to at work

– my team giving me a surprise cake to welcome me back

– listening to very loud music that didn’t involve nursery rhymes in the car on the way back from work

– leaving early to come home and see my kiddies

– seeing my son jump up and down with delight when he saw me coming through the door

– scooping up my little girl in my arms and holding her so, so tight and covering her with kisses

As you can see the Good outweighs the Bad and so I would say that overall, it was as successful a return to work as you can get away with!

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2 Responses to Back at work

  1. Shelley says:

    Sounds like a win to me. So sorry Jer and Aidan are still sick.

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