I can rival McDonalds any day

Phew, kids in bed, no audible crying, and a chance to reflect on the day. This would normally be accompanied by a gin and tonic but I’ve given up booze for january (why why why did I think that might be a good idea??! Shoot me now).

Anyway, today I had both kiddies on my own as jer is away and it is Fiona’s day off. And how did I spend the day? Well, apart from a trip to playgroup in the morning it all revolved around food.

I counted that I provided 10 separate meals today and that doesn’t include snacks or the hastily thrown together sandwich I made for myself at lunch.


Here’s the run down:

7.30am milk feed for cupcake
8.30am fruit purée for cupcake, cereal for munchkin
10.30am Milk feed for cupcake, snack for munchkin
12.30pm potato purée for cupcake, beans on toast for munchkin
1.30pm milk feed for cupcake
3.30pm snack for munchkin
4.30pm milk feed for cupcake
5.30pm pasta tea for munchkin
6.45pm milk feed for cupcake, milk for munchkin

No wonder our dishwasher seems permanently on! I reckon I could give McDonalds a run for their money.

The only upside is that with all this feeding going on I don’t have much time to eat myself and therefore seem to be losing the baby weight. There has to be an upside to running my very own fast food restaurant!

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