Brighton rocks

Yesterday was the coldest day of the year so far, with the temperature hovering just above freezing. So what did we decide in our infinite wisdom to do? Take the kids to the beach, that’s what. Oh yes, none of this fair weather paddling ice cream filled nonsense for us. I grew up on the north coast of Ireland and my husband in the pacific north west. Therefore, we are officially hard core when it comes to weather and it would seem that our poor kiddies have to follow suit.

This is, of course, nonsense. Give me a beach in the Bahamas any day with palm trees and a iced cocktail in hand. Truth is we were a bit bored of always staying around the same town and so decided to get hell out of dodge and headed for the coast.

It was a great success, even if we did end up freezing our rear ends off. Munchkin loved seeing the beach and the attractions on the pier. Cupcake was slightly less impressed until we bought her an emergency furry hat and then she nodded off.

Jer and I loved getting some sea air, fish and chips and finally discovering where the Brighton Pavilion is. Gorgeous Building.

Here are our highlights:

brighton pier

i am the only one enjoying the seaside apparently

brighton pier


could she be any more wrapped up?

fish and chips

MMMMM fish and chips

blue eyes

Cupcake showing her celtic genes

brighton pavilion

Brighton pavilion - beautiful


jer took this one!

All in all, a highly recommended day out!


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