Ideal present for 2nd time round parents

It is difficult to know what to bring as a gift when there is a new baby, especially if you don’t have kids. So if you are ever wondering what to get for the parents of a new baby (2nd/3rd..time round) here’s my advice.

If you are far away by all means send a physical gift, it will be most appreciated.

However, if you live nearby there are much better options in the first weeks.

Show up
Show up when you say you will as parents are obsessed with timing in the 1st weeks.
Bring biscuits not flowers.
Make everyone a cup of tea, better still dinner. Even better make dinner then leave.
Make lunch for child number 1.
Read child number 1 a story.
Take child number 1 out for a walk/to a museum/to a toy shop. Get them out of the house.
Take the baby off mum and dad if only to let them go have a shower.
Bring mum nice expensive shower gel.
Don’t stay too long.
Come back once in a while.

Trust me, if you can do any of these things they will love you. Especially if they don’t have family near by.

I only wish someone had passed the memo on to my friends 😉

Any other ideas you’d add?

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