Reasons to be cheerful

Feeling a distinct need to focus on the positive right now as am up feeding the baby after only being asleep for an hour. Had a “moment” where I was very angry at the world because I am the one who has to get up every night when she does wake up. She is also in the phase where she tries to claw my neck and face as she is feeding and I am covered in scratches. It’s driving me nuts.
Time to turn the mood around and think about the good, even if some of it is a little bittersweet because it means my wee ones are growing up.
Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week, in random order 🙂 :

– cupcake getting her 1st tooth (bottom left)
– me getting an awesome electric toothbrush
– sending away for a humungous amount of super cute kids’ clothes
– getting our family photo shoot pics back
– munchkin telling me stories about all sorts of weird and wonderful things that are in his brain
– cupcake trying her first solid food
– jer only going away 3 days next week instead of 5
– booking an appointment to get my highlights done tomorrow
– walking along the river on a clear, crisp, sunny morning
– munchkin’s first report card- from playball – it was brilliant
-munchkin starting to sing everywhere he goes – principally ‘jingle bells’
– present buying
– putting up our Christmas tree

Now, that’s a pretty long list now that I look at it with some significant family moments in it. Time to take a deep breath and smile.
Hope you’ve had lots of reasons to be cheerful this week.

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2 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Robyn says:

    What’s Playball? Some sort of early nursery?

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