Reasons to be Cheerful

Finally have some time to think about this week’s reasons to be cheerful. For those not in the know, this is part of a blog meme from Mummy from the Heart which encourages us to think about what is good in our life. I love this idea to almost “force” myself to take stock of how fortunate I am. So here goes:

1) Baby that seems to be over having colic

My beautiful baby girl seems to finally have kicked colic to the curb (please gods above don’t blight me for saying this now!!). She has had it rough over the 1st few months of her little life with her legs curled up to her stomach in pain after feeds. We’ve also had it rough with trying to comfort her. I think a mixture of things have helped her out: a cranio-osteopath, growing up and me learning how she works a bit better. She is a much happier baby and we are all much happier as a result.

2) House becoming a home

Woohoo! After moving into our unfurnished house in August we finally had our bedroom furniture delivered, we decorated Munchkin’s room, we put pictures up. It is starting to look like a home that reflects us, that is interesting to look at, that makes our son smile. Next step is finishing off the nursery and then we will be more or less finished.

3) Grandparents coming to visit

Next week my mum and dad will arrive for a visit. They live in Ireland so we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. They adore their grandkids and have only had the opportunity to spend time with Cupcake once so far. Munchkin is SUPER excited that they are coming to visit and every time he sees a plane in the sky he points to it and says that “buddha and nanny” are on it (I will explain the buddha part in another post 😉 ). Can’t wait to see them and watch my kids interact with my parents.

4) Friend’s baby news

One of my closest friends told me this week that she is pregnant with her first baby. She wasn’t sure because of her age whether she would be able to have a child so I am so delighted for. I had put the kids’ baby clothes that are too small for them away in the attic the day before I heard her news. I had debated getting rid of them but thought maybe, just maybe, someone I know would need them soon. Lovely to think that she will be able to use them.

5) Date night

Jer and I went out on a much needed date night, pretty much the first since Cupcake was born. We had an amazing night out at the Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Dorchester. Once my husband sends me the pictures he took on his iphone then I will dedicate a proper post to this as it truly was an exceptional meal. Jer and I got to be a couple again instead of “mum and dad” and we had a great time.

So lots of reasons to be cheerful this week. Hop over to Mummy From the Heart‘s blog to see the other entries.


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6 Responses to Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Ohh a date night at the Dorchester, you know how to do date nights!

    What a great bunch of reasons, especially glad that yoru little cupcake is over Colic.

    Mich x

    • londonmum says:

      Thank you! It was a one off as it was the anniversary of our very first date together 6 years ago + our first date night since Cupcake was born 5 months ago. As usual, thanks for coming up with R2BC x

  2. Posh date night sounds very wonderful and yes being just a couple sometimes is a lovely feeling.
    Colic is so stressful so hope it has gone for good.
    Lovely baby news and strange how you had that instinctive feeling about the clothing.
    A great list of reason and I hope you really have a lovely time with your parents

  3. Glenda says:

    Like the sound of your night out. Glad you enjoyed it and can understand how much you are looking forward to your parenets coming over. Hope you enjoy the visit.

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