Feng shui and phantom crying

I seem to be going through a phase of having a really bad night’s sleep. Well, duh, you say, with a five month old baby. But she, for the most part, is the one who is sleeping ok. She wakes up maybe once in the night and then around 6ish.
So why am I waking up a gazzillion times a night?
I have two theories I have come up with during tonight’s insomnia sessions.
1) we moved cupcake into her own room. It is right across the hall from our room so we don’t use a monitor. We didn’t use one with munchkin either. Basically, if a baby is crying you can hear it without having some irritating flashy crackily device in the room. In my rational head I know that when she is actually crying I do wake up and I can hear her as I am a light sleeper.
In my irrational head, I think that the room is too far away, that I sleep through it and that she has been crying in agony for hours. This, of course, never happens. What does happen is that I wake up and am convinced I can hear crying. I lie there for a bit and then get up to check and there is not a peep from her room. Phantom baby crying!! But by then it is too late, I’m fully awake. Is the solution a monitor after all or would that just keep me awake as I would wake up with every snuffle?

Theory 2) bad feng shui

Ok, this is where I let you into my hippy side. When I was a teenager I was also sleeping badly and I read that having a mirror opposite your bed is bad in feng shui. It channels water chi or something like that but is essentially draining your energy and leads to bad sleeping. I covered the mirror in my bedroom with a piece of fabric and hey presto, I started to sleep well. Now, I don’t know whether it was psychological or the feng shui works but I was happy.
In our new house there is a full length mirror bolted to the wall in our bedroom so I can’t move it. I sleep directly opposite the mirror and trust me, seeing myself in it first thing in the morning is as good a reason to cover it up as any. So I am going to hang a big sheet over it every night and see if it does the trick.
Failing that I may whack myself over the head with a big stick!

Do you hear your baby crying when it isn’t? Do you know anything about feng shui? Do you know how I can sleep better? I’d love to hear it.

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2 Responses to Feng shui and phantom crying

  1. tee2072 says:

    We’ve used a monitor wit h Adam from the beginning because the walls of our flat were so thick you really couldn’t hear anything below a full on bellow. We still use it because I just think it’s a good idea with him upstairs asleep and us in the front room after he’s in bed. Also I tend to sleep fairly heavily, when I sleep well.

    I have never heard every peep or if I do I know his noises at this point and can tell the difference between ‘rolling over in my sleep’ and ‘MUMMY! I NEED YOU!!’

    So I would recommend a monitor.

    And to cover the mirror. Can’t hurt. Might help!

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