Listography – Top 5 Famous Folk I Used To Fancy

Back on the band wagon with Katetakes5 Listography this week. Mainly because as my husband said “this one should be easy for you”. Feeling fairly insulted as the theme this week is embarrassing teenage crushes on famous people. To be fair, in my teenage years I had many a heart flutter for some film or tv or pop star so I am only going to highlight the very worst. I lay myself wide open for your judgement and laughter:

1) Paul from Neighbours (Stefan Davis)

nice pose dude

While all the world had their eye on Jason Donavan I set my 11/12 year old heights a bit higher. Seems I always had a thing for a bloke with cash because I watched Neighbours for the businessman that was Paul. I liked him so much that when he came to do an autograph signing in Belfast I insisted my parents make a 4 hour round trip so that I could meet him. We queued in the pouring rain for nearly 2 hours and just as I was about to go into the shop they closed the signing as apparently he had to leave. I was devastated and refused to watch the programme for years. Now that I am on maternity leave I may have glanced at it and I was astonished to find that he is still in the programme. Not making my heart flutter anymore Stefan, sorry!

2) FBI agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks a.k.a Kyle MacLachlan

nice pie

ahh agent cooper, how much was I obsessed with you and with Twin Peaks. Despite the fact I was secretly terrified of the programme and hid behind the sofa every time Bob appeared I still tuned in every week to get my fix of Agent Cooper. I see him now in Desperate Housewives and SITC and can’t quite believe that at one point he was my ideal man.

3) Jared Leto a.k.a Jordan Catalano

teenage angst personified

Jeez, just looking at this photo still makes me a little hot under the collar. When I was about 16 My So Called Life was on TV and I was addicted. I really thought that I was Angela (I channelled the Doctor Martens, the dyed red hair and the oversize cardies) but really I thought that Jared Leto was the guy for me. I even sought out very bad local versions of him. He was the epitome of bad boy, misunderstood cool for me. Recently I purchased the DVD box set of My So Called Life. To be honest, I thought he was a complete tool and wished that my teenage self had realised that boys like that are a huge waste of time.

He’s still hot though…

4) Johnny Depp


Don’t think this is remotely embarrassing. I started a teenage love affair with the Deppster when I was about 15 and it hasn’t lessened with age. I still love him and secretly think that one day we will meet and he will realise that he loves me and whisk me off to his Caribbean island (sorry Jer)

5) Ryan Giggs

misguided teenage love

I know, I know. Horrific, isn’t it??? When I was about 15 I was completely into Ryan Giggs. I watched every single Man United match and even had his poster up on my wall. One of my diary entries around that age had my aspirations for when I would be 18. This included going to Manchester University so that I could meet Ryan Giggs. I did go to Manchester University but thankfully had nothing to do with Ryan Giggs. Lucky escape given the latest revelations eh?

This has been a fairly hilarious delve back into the past. What it has made me realise is that I am profoundly grateful that the taste I had as a teenager evolved.

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Who were your teenage crushes?



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3 Responses to Listography – Top 5 Famous Folk I Used To Fancy

  1. Ixy says:

    The Kyle MacLachlan one makes me laugh, because I really only associate him with Sex in the City, where he didn’t really come off as a heartthrob. How times change.

  2. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Well you certainly started your list on a high didn’t you? Middle ones are all good though 🙂

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