Halloween Owl Cookies

owl cookie


In an effort to lift the spirits (no pun intended) of the family on a rubbish, sick, rainy day I thought we would do something Halloween themed.

I love halloween and we have 3 pumpkins ready and prepped to be turned into awesome lanterns this weekend. Talking of which I saw a totally cool link on twitter to make Angry Bird themed pumpkin lanterns. Check it out here. Munchkin would love it.

But today’s activity was of the baking variety. I don’t feel that I do enough of this sort of thing with the Munchkin boy and he seems to enjoy it when we do do it. My inspiration came from a friend of mine who posted the coolest photo of some Owl cookies she had made on facebook. There was no recipe or instruction so I pretty much guessed it. As you will see from the photos perhaps that wasn’t the best plan but here’s how I did it.

Buy the following ingredients:

Oreo cookies + Smarties (you can tell already this is going to be a healthy treat, right?). For anyone reading this who is not based in the UK then you can use M&Ms instead.

oreos and smarties

try not to eat all the smarties as soon as you tip them into the bowl

Next select 2 brown smarties and one orange one per owl cookie and set aside. Feel free to eat the rest of the colours then as and when you fancy.

Take 3 oreo cookies and split them in half through the cream part. Lay one cookie cream side up and place 2 more halves, cream side up on top of the first one. You’ll get the idea from the picture. Next take the 2 brown smarties and place one on each half to make the eyes. Take the orange one and place it on its side in the little space between the 2 top layers to make the beak. Break one half of a cookie into half again and place under the 2 top layers to make the ears. My advice would be to try it with large oreos as a base and mini ones as the 2 top layers and let them warm up a bit so they stick better.

oreo owl cookie

ok so it looks a bit amateur but I am sure yours will look much better

Obviously, the whole point of doing this was to get Munchkin involved and bond over this joyous cooking experience. I thought he would be blown away by the creativity displayed by his mother and the promise of 2 things he has never tasted: oreos and smarties.

Here is his reaction

making cookies

"like really? this is supposed to be an owl??"

He was so unimpressed it was unreal. I am putting this down to him being ill not to the fact that this was the not the coolest halloween thing ever. If you do it with your own kids they will love it (i promise….)

Anyway, let me know if you give these a go or if you have any other ideas for halloween activities that my jaded toddler might enjoy!

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2 Responses to Halloween Owl Cookies

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    awesome idea but now I want Oreo’s

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