Sugar rush

Yedsterday I think I became a truly sad victim of celebrity/twitter nonsense. I got my first tweet from someone famous!!

I was watching the Young Apprentice on BBC last night (how self assured are these kids at 16??!) and it was the board room scene. The challenge was for the 2 teams to make and sell ice cream and see who could come up with the most profit. The boys’ team lost and the project manager had to choose 2 people to bring back into the boardroom. As Lord Sugar was telling them this he said something along the lines of “this challenge may have been about ice cream but I will not be Mr Softy with you”. For some reason I thought this was hilarious and as I follow him on Twitter I sent a tweet saying that. I never thought in  a million years that he would actually read it but here is what I got….

tweet from lord alan sugarI was beyond excited!!! HA HA HA…

The funniest thing was that immediately random people started follow me on twitter too (well, all 4 of them). They must have been so disappointed to find out that I am neither close mates with SirAlan/LordSugar nor I am the key to all their business dreams.

Anyway, I was just pleased that out of the 1, 157, 371 followers that Lord Sugar has on twitter that he replied to me ;-).

Ever had anyone famous tweet you?

PS. just realised that it is possibly even more sad that I made a screenshot of that..

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8 Responses to Sugar rush

  1. Sorab Shroff says:

    wow that is so amazing! no one famous has tweeted me yet, not even Will Smith…

  2. Mama Syder says:

    That is so cool! I’ve not had a famous person tweet me directly but the lovely chef on Lorraine Dean Edwards regulary RT me whenever I tweet him. That actually thrills me, lol!

  3. mumof4 says:

    OOOhhh I would have fallen off my chair seeing that! I be there are not that many slebs that would take the time to do that…..

  4. tee2072 says:

    Totally sad to take the screen shot. And I would have as well!
    No one famous ever tweets me. *sniff* :O)

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