Listography – Top 5 Keyword Searches on My Blog

This week’s theme for Listography involves delving into the murky world of how people arrive at your blog. I find it weirdly fascinating looking at the search terms that folks have entered that has taken them to my little blog.

Here are the top 5 of all time (excluding searches with my blog name):

1) Croque Monsieur

Ah Oui, my love of french food would appear to be number one. It kinda makes me look sophisticated but this actually refers to one of my very first blog posts which was about one of my first outings with Munchkin on my own. I went to have lunch in Cafe Rouge and was unable to eat my Croque Monsieur because he screamed at me all the way through it.

2) Opposite of a Vampire

My dark side….again, less interesting when it refers to a post about how I no longer went out at night because I had no social life. I think all things Twilight related might be driving this one.

3) American Breakfast

I posted a picture of my breakfast every day while I was on a work trip to California. They ranged from horrific to delicious. I love me a fat old yankee breakfast.

4) Kara Tointon in Temperly

Frock it! has helped this one be at the top, I think. She was wearing a gorgeous frock at some award ceremony so she was my pick of the week.

5) Amy Childs Ugly

Ouch…this is another Frock it! incident. For the record I didn’t say that Amy Childs was ugly. In fact, she’s probably rather pretty under all that slap. I just said that her dress was ugly, which it was.

So there you have it…. Junk food, Vampires and slagging off celebrities’ dresses.  Does that really sum up the highlights of my blog??

Have a gander at the other entries on KateTakes5!

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4 Responses to Listography – Top 5 Keyword Searches on My Blog

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Frock it seems to be coming up trumps on this! Though slagging off celebrities – tut tut..

  2. Amazing how some people hit out blogs, so bloody interesting though!

    Mich x

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