Best New Beauty Buys

Once in a while I like to post about one of my passions which is beauty products. I absolutely love trying out new things, especially when they actually do what they say on the tin (or the very fancy packaging!). It has been some time since my last post about this (read it here) so I thought I’d do a quick round up of some new things I have been trying and which I am pleased with.

As usual, no company has asked me to review these products, this is just my personal opinion which I hope you find helpful.

1. Moroccan Oil

moroccan oilI think I may be one of the last people to jump on the bandwagon with this product as I am now seeing it in lots of magazines. I got my hair cut last weekend and my hairdresser has started using this range. You can buy it in salons but I have also seen it on various websites like Amazon when I googled it. She tried it out on my hair and I have to say I was so impressed I bought a bottle on the spot. It is a kind of conditioning oil that you put on after you have washed your hair, whilst it is still damp. You then style your hair as you normally would or in my case just leave it to dry naturally. It is not a styling product though so if you normally put mousse, cream, gel etc. in then you would go ahead with that as usual. What it does do is make your hair really soft and shiny. My hair tends towards the frizzy and now sadly, overly highlighted. It can look dull and quite a bit strawlike and it has been transformed into something which might even be described as silky. Loving it!  One word of warning: use a tiny amount as too much might make your hair look a bit greasy.

2.they’re real! mascara from Benefit

they're real mascaraI love Benefit products and I picked this mascara up in Sephora when I was on holiday in France. Usually, I stick with my favourite Chanel Inimitable Mascara which serves me well. I really hate clumpy, thick mascaras. I want something which lengthens, curls and doesn’t look sticky. The Chanel one does a good job at all of those things but it doesn’t seem to add any thickness to my lashes. This new Benefit mascara manages to combine lengthening, curling and adding fullness. I wouldn’t say it lengthens as much as the Chanel one but it makes up for it by really making my lashes pop. It almost looks like I am wearing false lashes but without that really fake look. This mascara might be my new favourite, I’m hooked.

3. Mama Mio Skin Tight Toning Serum

mama mio tummy tonerThis product was apparently called Tummy Toner before and that is exactly why I bought it. It is the first product of this range specially designed for pregnant ladies or new mums and I think I might try out some of their other products now. I bought this because sadly after the birth of my 2 beautiful babies my tummy is no longer equally beautiful. Munchkin was a massiiiiiiiive baby and I carried him high. This meant that the skin above my belly button got really stretched and after he was born started to resemble something similar to an accordion. All crepey and foldy. Awful. The second pregnancy did little to help this situation and even though I am starting to get my figure back there is no way you’d catch me in a bikini because of the accordion situation. I had figured that the only thing which might help it would be some kind of laser surgery and I am not sure I’m prepared to go down that route (yet…). However, I did a little research on dear old Google to see if there might be any products suitable but with a healthy dose of skepticism.  This product from Mama Mio seemed to get good reviews so I thought I’d try it. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now (they say to use it for at least 30 days, every day to see results).  I’ll be honest, it hasn’t made the issue go away but it does seem to have smoothed out the skin and the crepeyness has reduced a fair bit. I’m going to keep using this product as I do feel it is making a difference. Anything that can make this area look better is a winner with me.

4. OPI nail varnish in “Big hair.. big nails”

opi big hair big nailsI got into OPI nail varnishes because they use them at the nail salon I visit in San Jose, CA when I go there for work. They have really strong colours and they seem pretty chip resistant which is important when you are running around all day after kids and typing your blog! I’m really into coral and raspberry colours which work well with my skin tone. This colour “Big Hair.. Big Nails” is my latest choice and it is a lovely raspberry shade which looks good even with just one coat. Plus check out the picture above! On the OPI website you can go and “try on” colours, such a good feature!!

Well, these are my latest picks. Would love to hear from you if you have tried any of these and even better, any tips you have for products you like and think work well. Always good to get tips from real people!


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