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#silentsunday – cuddles needed


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Of the Kinder variety. Our very lovely cleaner, Gabriella, brought Munchkin a present this week. His very first Kinder Egg. We don’t give him sweets or chocolate very much (ignore obviously my last post about him eating oreos and smarties, … Continue reading

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Halloween Owl Cookies

In an effort to lift the spirits (no pun intended) of the family on a rubbish, sick, rainy day I thought we would do something Halloween themed. I love halloween and we have 3 pumpkins ready and prepped to be … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s child is full of woe

We are a bit of a sorry household this week. The dreaded lurgy has struck all of us in different ways. My munchkin boy has got constant streams of green snot running out of his nose and a terrible cough. … Continue reading

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Sugar rush

Yedsterday I think I became a truly sad victim of celebrity/twitter nonsense. I got my first tweet from someone famous!! I was watching the Young Apprentice on BBC last night (how self assured are these kids at 16??!) and it … Continue reading

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#silentsunday – daddy’s girl

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Today I lost it

My temper, the plot, whatever it is , whatever you want to call it, I lost it. I shouted at my two year old son, I shouted at my 4 month old baby and then I shouted at my husband. … Continue reading

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