Reasons to be cheerful

This is the first time that I have participated in this meme from Mummy From the Heart’s blog. I’ve read it many times on various blogs including hers and always admired the positivity. I think it is good to remind ourselves about the good things in our life. It is all too easy to fall into self pity or moaning about life. I find that I have been a bit guilty of that myself recently as I have been finding things a bit hard post baby number 2. But realistically I am an extremely fortunate person. I have my health, my family, my friends, a great job, a roof over my head, more than most people on this earth.

Therefore, time to give myself a kick up the rear end and focus on the good 🙂 I’d like to try and post about this once a week to remind myself what a lucky lady I am.

This week’s reasons:

1) Support

My husband is away in America at a wedding this week and I have been dreading coping with the 2 kids on my own, especially as Cupcake has been pretty screamy this week. However, once people have realised I was going to be on my own I have had lots of offers of company. My good friend from my NCT class had me over at her house this afternoon to sit in the garden with the babies. Tomorrow 2 friends are coming over for a visit. I really value this support and the company and it goes a long way to making me feel like I can cope.

2) Sunshine

Wowsers, where did this beautiful weather come from? I crave sunshine and it is such a bonus to have days like this at this time of year. Everything seems better in the sunshine.

3) Being able to pass on Munchkin’s baby clothes

I have a vast amount of Munchkin’s clothes in bags in the attic. Some of them I have recycled for cupcake but many are just a bit too ‘boyish’ for her to wear. I really wanted them to go to a good home so I was really pleased when I found out that an old friend of mine is expecting a boy in about 10 days time. I got in touch with her and she is coming here tomorrow to pick them up. It makes me really happy to think that someone else will get good use from them. I shed little tears when I had to pack them away because it just made me realise how much my wee baby boy had turned into a big boy!

4) My piano

We rented a piano last week and every time I see it in the living room it makes me smile. This was a real indulgence and something I had wanted for a long time. I put it to myself that we should get it so I could teach Munchkin but really I wanted it for me! Playing the piano really relaxes me and feels like something I can do for me.

5) I joined a gym

My husband encouraged me to do this so that I would get some ‘me’ time (thanks Jer). I am not a big gym person but this one is really nice and has 2 lovely swimming pools, one adult one and one for kids. I will be able to bring Munchkin and Cupcake with me and that will be so much fun. Some days I can use the creche facility and go for a swim or a class myself. I went on Thursday for a swim and I loved it.

6) Made in Chelsea is back on tv

Got to end on a cheesy note. This week I got indulge my love of trash tv by watching Made in Chelsea. For some reason, I am weirdly addicted to this show and even better but sssssshhhhhh!!! my husband likes to watch it too. It makes us laugh together a lot.

Well, I have just finished writing this and I can tell you that thinking about these reasons to be cheerful has lifted my heart. Well worth doing.

Check out the other entries here on Mummy From the Heart‘s blog and bring some sunshine in!

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6 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful

  1. grumpinator says:

    I bought a piano a few years ago but had to move it to my Mother in Law’s when our wee boy was born. Now that we are moving house I will be able to get it back and start playing again. Like you, it relaxes me and I love just having one in the house.

  2. Great to have you join in with us. What a super list, so much positivity. I rejoined the gym last week too and am loving swimming and the time to myself. Have a fab Sunday.

    Mich x

    PS- Post #R2BC up on a Thurs or Friday if you want to attract the comments form the linky but if you are not soworried about comments then of course feel free to post any day x

  3. I love having a piano too, although I don’t play as often as I should. Also love made in Chelsea and last episode caught my boyf’s eyes watching the tv more than the book he was pretending to read…

  4. silenceandnoise says:

    I am on my own now so I totally know what you mean. Only I don’t because I just have one kid! It is tough being alone! I also had a friend come over for a few days. It was magic! Loved reading about your happy moments.

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