Listography – 5 celebrities I’d like to have a beer with

Bit late to the game but I’d like to join in this week’s Listography on Katetakes5. The theme is “5 Celebrities I’d like to have a beer with”. I’ve played a version of this which is who you’d like at your ideal dinner party. However, thinking about it I wouldn’t have the same list of people at dinner as those I’d like to go on the tear with. Dinner requires slightly more high brow types in my mind. The likes of David Attenborough and Jeremy Paxman spring to mind. However, going out on the beers requires a different class of person, not that they wouldn’t be smart but just not intimidating would be good!

Here are mine:

1) Johnny Depp – funny, gorgeous, slightly weird. Would be good to find out if he is actually interesting in person.

johnny depp


2. Eddie Izzard – funny, weirdly sexy, very smart

eddie izzard

the monkey is in the tree

3. Ewan McGregor – funny, sexy, smart (a theme may be forming…). My claim to fame is that he once called me for a chat on my mobile but that is a whole other story…

ewan mcgregor


4. Lord Sugar – funny…….sexy?(no) but it would be worth it just to hear him say “You’re fired” plus I reckon I’d pick up some pretty good business tips

lord alan sugar

You're Fired

5.  Graham Norton – funny, smart and bitingly sarcastic. He could bitch about other people’s outfits with me in the corner…

graham norton


Realised slightly to my horror that there aren’t any women on this list. Maybe if we do a list which is “celebrities I’d like to go and have a glass of wine and lunch with” it might be a little different. But a night on the beers requires some blokes I think.

Check out the other entries on Katetakes5. Who would you choose?

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4 Responses to Listography – 5 celebrities I’d like to have a beer with

  1. The Rambling Pages says:

    Love your list and choices, I agree about Ewan McGregor, I think he would be a brillint person to have a drink with and I could learn alot from him probably. lord Sugar, now thats an interesting one, if I am allowed could I possibly join you for that drink you have with him as I agree he could probably teach me a thing or two about working for myself!

  2. I love your choices especially the first 3. Intelligence in abundance in your list

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