Chateau life

man oh man. Got back Saturday evening from a seriously great holiday. Well, as seriously great as a holiday with a toddler and a 10 week old baby can be. I was really unsure how this holiday would go, to be honest. We were going away with 3 other couples and their kids. Us girls have known each other for over 2 years now as we met in our antenatal NCT class with number 1 kid. We meet up pretty much every week which means I see these girls more than my “old friends”. We girlies know each other pretty well by now as you can imagine. The guys less so although we’ve been on a few nights out and dinners together. Plus you never know if you will get on with someone when you spend a whole week living with.

I can safely say that it was a huge success. Everyone got on, kids played together, copied each other in good and bad, parents relaxed in the evenings, the weather was amazing, the chateau was beyond perfect and generally a good time was had by all.

Here are my highlights:

Seeing my boy learn to swim on his own with just armbands

baby swimmingSeeing my boy being thrown up in the air in the swimming pool and giggling with delight

god i love this shot

Seeing my little girl laughing so much

such a giggly girl

watching my two kids lie beside each other on the bed serenely

such cuties

a girlie lunch out….so much laughter, so many stories, so much champagne drunk!

the mums

how beautiful our chateau was

how's that for a holiday rental!!

my rock star son

loving the shades

and finally some great, great friends

group shot a la friends

Apparently we got through 64 bottles of wine, 3 bottles of champagne (it was our anniversary), a case of beer and a 1/2 a bottle of gin. I am impressed.

I highly recommend a group holiday if you have people to go with who understand what it is like to have screaming kids, that you have to get up sometimes at 6am with a hangover, that is it ok if you dry yourself with a towel with someone else’s kids’ poop on it *yes that happened….

Vive la vacance francaise!


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16 Responses to Chateau life

  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh my God. I thought MY vacation was spectacular but I am dying of jealousy at yours – AND at your beautiful, beautiful children. Ah-maze-ing.

  2. F. says:

    Just stumbled on your blog 🙂 Sounds like a fun vacation and your son is a CUTIE.

  3. i want to live like that! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and so glad it was so much fun!

  4. Shelley says:

    Amazing!!! 64 bottles of wine….that has to be a record:-)

  5. The Rambling Pages says:

    It looks amazing. I remember reading your post before you went showing the place you were staying & your comments about it bring a group holiday & hoping it would go well. It obviously did, 64 bottles of wine is impressive! X

  6. Shelley says:

    If you went thru that much every week maybe you should worry but that’s what vacations are for:-) And, by the way, I’ll bet Grace slept well.

  7. mummykimmy says:

    Aw this looks awesome! We’re booked to go away at New Year with 6 other couples (all our best friends) and the wee man. But far from being an issue, they’re all delighted they get to spoil him for a week – and we get 12 babysitters onsite!

    • londonmum says:

      honestly, it was such a great idea. I would do it again in a second. You’ve always got someone on hand to help out and give you a bit of a break. Plus the kids all loved it. Hope you have a lovely time!

  8. Just what I need ! Great blog.

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