Hooray! We finally got the connection set up in the house for our internet and I feel like I have rejoined the modern age. Much as I tried to find other things to do it is pretty difficult when you are sat feeding a baby to read a book or make anything crafty *not that I would be able to do that even with 2 free hands! Having the internet back makes me feel like I am still connected to the rest of the human race even at 3am.

To celebrate having it back and being able to write a proper blog post for the first time in a month I thought I’d put something up about where we are heading on holiday on Saturday.

We have been planning this holiday for months and it will be the first group holiday I have even been on. My NCT friends that I met when I was pregnant with Munchkin and we still meet up most weeks. We’ve become pretty close having shared the trials and tribulations of taking our wee babies to toddlerhood. So we thought it might be a nice idea to go away together for a week in the sun with partners and kids in tow. There will be 8 adults, 4 toddlers and 2 babies. This could either be amazing or hell on earth but you never know till you give it a try.

The beauty of having such a large group is that we are able to rent the kind of place I have only ever dreamt about staying in. We decided each couple and each toddler needed their own room so we needed an 8 bedroom place. The internet search began and we looked at places all over Europe which certain criteria: must be relatively close to the airport, must have a heated pool in case it’s chilly, must be child friendly, etc, etc, etc. We even had a dinner to narrow down our final shortlist (not that we make things overly complicated or anything!)

So here is our final choice. I love it and am really hoping it lives up to how it looks on the website and what people have said in the reviews. It is off the beaten track about 1h30mins from Bordeaux in the south west of France. This is where I do the completely showy off bit and put up the photos from the website. It just looks so amazing and I can’t believe we are going to be staying in a place that looks like this!


Front of the chateau

living room

one of the bedrooms (might be fought over!)

bathrooms in the turret


the pool!!!!

where the wine will be drunk

I am so so so excited about going to this place. I suspect my next post will be the reality of staying here. Fingers crossed it is as nice as it looks.

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8 Responses to Connected

  1. Shelley says:

    It looks absolutely gorgeous. A fantasy come true! It looks so pristine that I wonder why they are willing to rent it to families with small children.

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy

  2. Mummy Plum says:

    Wow! That looks fabulous…note to self…speak to NCT friends about group holiday!
    Have a lovely time.

  3. The Rambling Pages says:

    Wow, that looks amazing! I am green with envy! Other looks large enough to get yourselves lost in the grounds if by some minor chance things are a bit fraught, although I suspect a great deal of fun will be had, wine drunk & great memories will be formed. Have a great holiday x

  4. Nel says:

    Wow, it looks completely fab. Looking forward to seeing the before and after shots of those white sofas!!

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