Colic – painful for everyone concerned

Yowsers, having a gassy baby is a pain in the you-know-what and not just for the baby. Cupcake pretty much eats, sleeps and screams blue murder right now. I know this is fairly normal but she really isn’t having any periods of being awake and calm. Almost the second she wakes up she starts drawing her knees up to her chest, straining and crying. She might pass a tiny bit of wind but not much and right now she hasn’t pooped in over 2 days! Munchkin had reflux as a baby so I know the signs but she isn’t being sick so I think it is straightforward colic (if only there were such a thing…).

I have been trying various things in an attempt to ease her tummy and give her a bit of peace: infacol and detinox which are both drops of simeticone designed to bring up burps, gripe water which is supposed to ease the tummy and plain old boiled water. None of these seem to have helped at all. The other thing that helps is bicycling her legs to help get the wind out.
A friend recommended another product which had been recommended to her by her paediatrician. It is called Biogaia and is a probiotic. Supposedly a few drops of this a day will help regulate her tummy. It is pretty expensive and I had to order it online (which makes me a little nervous) but it doesn’t contain anything other than the probiotic so is not dangerous in anyway. Worst thing that could happen is it might make her tummy more upset but I think it is worth a try.
Wondered if anyone had tried this product or something similar? I know she will grow out of this eventually but would love to help her and us out in the meantime.

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6 Responses to Colic – painful for everyone concerned

  1. rachel says:

    I had exactly the same situation with my boy. It was hell for everyone. So after trying all the available products in the shops and switching to comfort milk, nothing worked! I then found rave reviews about Colic calm, an american product that is now available here too. within minutes of taking this all natural product he was calmer for a while.
    The only thing I’d say that fixed the problem rather than masking it was a Cranial Osteopath. I swear, the magic lady healed my baby! It was without a shadow of a doubt the best thing i ever did. If you google it, you will see, as it’s really hard to explain. But basically its like baby massage. often with colic, its due to tension in there little bodies, often from birth. This releases those pressures. I couldn’t recommend this more highly as Neo had 2 sessions at 8 and 9 weeks and he was fixed. Slept through from 10 weeks and no more reflux, constipation or colic.
    Good luck! I know how hard it is, felt like yesterday for me, but my babies 1 next week!
    Rachel 🙂

    • londonmum says:

      Thanks so much for your comment> funny just before i read it i booked her in to see a cranio osteopath! we’ve had 2 sessions and they seemed to have helped but then she got her 8 week shots and is all out of whack again. the probiotic drops didn’t seem to help at all unfortunately. I’ve read about colic calm and interesting to hear that you think it helped. x

  2. Shelley says:

    Jeff was very colicky and even though he’s 44 I still remember how tough it was. Can Fiona take both Aidan and Grace out for an hour or two so you can get some quiet time or maybe even a nap?

    Love from us…..Shelley

  3. silenceandnoise says:

    In Colombia babies who have colic are given anise water. I’ve hear it works, but I really don’t know much about it (or if you can find anise in the UK). It might be worth researching? Good luck! I hope she feels better soon!!! kisses

    • londonmum says:

      yes, anise is what is in the gripe water i give her which seems to help. problem is that it also contains sodium bicarbonate which i think makes her worse later. was thinking of making my own anise infusion and trying that.x

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