Battle of the wills

Today I am pretty sure my two year old son hates me. And I have to admit to not being massively keen on him either. Don’t get me wrong I love the boy beyond words but some days I think he might actually have been put on this earth to drive me into an early grave.

He is experimenting with a fascinating mixture of complete bossiness, independence and truculence. A typical conversation between us goes a bit like this.

Me ‘let’s have weetabix for breakfast, shall we?’
Him ‘NO!!
Me ‘but you like weetabix, you insisted on it yesterday’
Him ‘NO!’
Me ‘ok then I will get you cheerios’
Him ‘Weetabix’
Me ‘what darling?’
Him ‘no cheerios, want weetabix’
Me ‘but you just said you didn’t want weetabix….’
Him ‘weeeeeeeetaaaabiiixxx’ – accompanied by a high pitched wailing noise.
Me ‘ok ok weetabix’
Get box of weetabix from cupboard and proceed to put it in the bowl.
Him ‘ have it’
Me ‘yes I’m just getting it for you’
Him ‘ haaaaaaaave iiiiiittttttt’ – more wailing
Me ‘why are you wailing at me, I’m getting your cereal?????’
Him ‘Aidan do it’
Me ‘Aidan do what ???’
Him ‘weetabixxxxxx’
Me ‘you can’t do it, mummy has to do it’
Him ‘Noooooooooo’
Me ‘stop it, do you want to go on the naughty step?’
Him ‘yeah’
Me (inwardly thinking that this is not how supernanny does it) ‘well, you will if you keep saying no to mummy. Do you understand?’
Him ‘yeah’ with contrite face
Me ‘ok good let’s have your weetabix’
Him ‘noooooooo’

And so on and so forth. Oh and did I forget to mention that I have replaced the dummy in the baby’s mouth 15 times during this conversation,

Now I know you are thinking that you can see why it went wrong and believe me so can I. But when you have been on your own with a sick, cranky toddler and a gassy, cranky baby for a day or two, surrounded by unpacked boxes, all the lovely supernanny advice goes out the window.

I know he is craving attention from me, that he sees me constantly with the baby, that he is in a new environment, that his childcarer is off sick, that his dad is away, that mummy is way crankier than normal, that my losing my temper doesn’t help at all. I know all this.
But today I’d quite like to get through the day without having to counter argue against the toughest lawyer in the country.
Roll on the weekend…

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4 Responses to Battle of the wills

  1. Shelley says:

    As you know in your heart he doesn’t hate you he’s just being 2 and 2 is difficult!! Right now your title needs to be “if it can go wrong it will”;o)

    Please don’t be hard on yourself. You’re temporarily in a very challenging situation (I can’t believe that Jeremy had to go on a business trip [talk about Murphy’s law!!]. I know he needed to go but what awful timing.

    When Jeff and Robyn were as young as Aidan and Grace (they’re 21 months apart) there was more than one day when my only goal was to survive!!!

    Remember to try to take care of yourself in the midst of all the chaos and hopefully Fiona will be well by Thursday.

    With love…..Shelley

  2. Suzanne says:

    Psh, we haven’t moved, the baby is perfectly happy, our routine hasn’t changed in months, and he is perfectly healthy and my toddler and I STILL have that EXACT SAME FIGHT every morning. It’s infuriating. I think he’s made a bet with someone to see how long it will take before I break a kitchen cabinet door slamming it shut in anger.

    Sometimes repeating “this too shall pass” over and over helps. Sometimes so does wine.

  3. tee2072 says:

    Ah, the battle of wills! So.Much.Fun!

    My favourite tantrum from Adam this week was when I, apparently, picked up a pretzel he’d dropped on the floor in the wrong manner. O_o I even got a big NO! and a finger in my face. I was less than pleased and I don’t ever do that to him. I’ll let you guess who does, but he’s first initial is S and you know him quite well…

  4. silenceandnoise says:

    Ha! They change their mind every three seconds. Ahhhh. It is so frustrating!! We have the same conversation every single day (at least three times).
    Congratulations on your new house!!!

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