Listography – guilty pleasures

This week’s listography has been making me laugh which is a good thing.

Pause for quick feel sorry for myself moment – moved house on Saturday, can’t find anything, husband just gone away for 3 days on business, nanny called in sick, only clothes I can locate are pre pregnancy and don’t fit, the mirror in my new bedroom makes me look 100ft wide, we have no tv or Internet so I have no way of entertaining my toddler trying to soothe a colicky baby and the toddler’s favourite new word is NO!!!!

Anyway, now that I have got that out of my system…. This week’s listograpy is about Guilty Pleasures. I’ve got billions but here are the five which sprang to mind. No nice pics to illustrate this week as I can’t work out how to do that from my iPhone.

1) magic fm
If you are not familiar with this radio station let me enlighten you. The playlist consists of totally cheesy love songs and features the likes of Michael Buble, Leona Lewis, take that, and so on. Whilst I like to pretend that I am into the latest, cool thing (I sound uncool even phrasing it like that..), really you will catch me switching to Magic fm the minute my husband steps out of the car. What’s worse, I sing along to every track at the top of my tone deaf lungs. The icing on the cake is if they play “hero” by Enrique Iglesias (another of my guilty pleasures….mmmm…)

2) Wedding magazines/websites

Oh dear… I got married nearly 3 years ago. Yet one of the most visited websites in my history list is called stylemepretty and it is a wedding blog. Not only that but I look at wedding dress designer websites when their new collections come out. Even more shameful is the magazine addiction. I bought millions in the run up to my wedding and now I find it horrifically hard to walk past them on the newstands and not buy one. I have even contemplated taking off my wedding ring just so I can buy one without looking completely sad. I can’t believe I just admitted that..

3) the national lottery

I seriously believe I am going to win. So I go online and buy a ticket weekly. The most I have ever won is Ā£8.60. I unfortunately also discovered something called instant wins on their website which are like virtual scratch cards. Word of warning: NEVER let me go to Vegas.

4) trashy magazines

Look, I’ve read the classics, get some of the questions right occasionally on University Challenge, I even go to the odd play. But give me the choice, I will pick up a trashy gossip mag or check out OMG on yahoo before any of those. I lose myself in the completely superficial world of celebs in seconds. I know who cheated on who, who’s been out on a date with who, who wore what to the oscars etc. I know it is all nonsense but that’s the appeal – it is pure escapism.

5) American food

Most of the time I buy organic, I try to make sure I get my 5 a day, I don’t eat fast food. But catch me in the good old u s of a and it’s a very different picture. I’m the person with the giant soda cup of root beer or dr.pepper. I’ll insist on pulling off the highway into the worst looking diners ever if they promise me an all day, all you can eat breakfast. I don’t know what comes over me but I do l know that I come back from the States about 10lbs heavier every time.

So there you have it- just a few of my guilty pleasures. I am not proud but I ain’t sorry.
Check out the rest of the shame on katetakes5.

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4 Responses to Listography – guilty pleasures

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Ahaha – I bet you still try on your wedding dress when you’re on your own too!!

    • Londonmum says:

      I would if I thought I had a snowballs chance in hell of fitting into it ever again. Sadly it is languishing in a hermetically (almost) sealed box under the spare room bed.. Sob

  2. Oi, my missus is the editor of one of those trashy mags. They keep a roof over our heads šŸ™‚

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