Moving house

this photo sums up our stay here. Munchkin being photographed in the centre of our little universe

Today we leave our little nest to fly to a slightly bigger nest. We’ve lived here for nearly 3 years. We moved here in the autumn of 2008, not long after finding out that we were expecting Munchkin. I’ll never forget seeing the flat for the first time, we loved the warm feeling, the 1930s decor, the grounds for our new baby to play in. It was well out of our price range but our very lovely landlord dropped the price a lot and we moved in.
This is where I spent 2 pregnancies, where we brought our 2 children home after being born, where we had our first family Christmas with a real tree, where Munchkin took his first steps, spoke his first words, had his “first” everything.
Here is where we have a tree planted to celebrate Munchkin’s first birthday.
Despite the terrible problems we have had with our upstairs neighbour we have always loved this place and part of me is very sad to leave it. It feels like my first home as a grown up.

However, today we start a new chapter of our lives, of our family being together.

May our new home be filled with as many happy memories.

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