Listography – things i’d change about myself

This week’s listography from Kate takes 5 is titled “5 things I’d like to change about myself”. These are supposed to be characteristics not physical attributes (let’s tackle that another day). I’ll keep it short mainly because I am typing this lefthanded with a napping baby on my lap.

1) stop worrying

I never used to worry about anything. Then I had kids. Now i worry about everything. It’s a pain.

2) have a longer fuse

Man, these days I can lose my temper over the slightest thing. Plus I take it out on all the wrong people at all the wrong times. Sorry Jer….mum…….kids…

3) be less of a control freak

This characteristic works reasonably well for me at work. It is somewhat less successful with babies. Strangely they don’t always do what you want. The sooner I accept this the better.

4) admit that sometimes I am wrong

It is rare but yes, very occasionally I get it wrong. This moment usually coincides with me being 100% sure I am right. In fact, if I am willing to bet money that I am right you can pretty much take my money. The more convinced I am, the more likely I am to be off the scale wrong. It’s kinda depressing.

5) be less polite

Sometimes I should tell people where they can stick it. I don’t and then I stew about it afterwards. It’s all very well being nice but certain people don’t merit and at times, it can be counterproductive.

I’ve been reading the other lists of the people who have joined in. I wonder how many of us will actually try to change? We do beat ourselves up a fair bit so maybe we should collectively try to change that about ourselves?

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2 Responses to Listography – things i’d change about myself

  1. I’m trying to change. Not completely, cos I still want to be me. But there are some incremental improvements I can make.
    For example I’m a bit of a control freak too, but I am slightly of a less of control freak than I used to be and I think my little boy is lucky to be around now rather than when I was younger.

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