Stress ball

Always veering towards the edge of exploding. My nerves are shot at the moment. We move house in 10 days and have done nothing to prepare for it. Well, I mean in terms of clearing or packing. I have arranged the post to be redirected, a moving firm to show up, a special parking permit for moving day, cardboard boxes for moving, estate agent viewings of our current place and god knows what else.

This is whilst looking after a 4 week old baby, a demanding toddler and both my parents.

They are staying for 2 weeks and the idea was to help out. Realistically with the best will in the world the only way they help is by cooking in the evenings and making cups of tea. The rest of the time they create extra work. My mother is partially disabled and my father has had 2 heart attacks. Ths means they are not physically able to be left with either child, change a nappy, take them out for a walk etc. They also tend to fuss and obssess over stuff. Like having their clothes washed (I do it), how to work “The Google”. At these moments my husband or I are supposed to drop everything (probably including the baby) and rush to help. This makes my husband grumpy and then in turn me as I feel like Jer shouldn’t criticise them (that’s my job).
Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits but the timing is not great.

Roll on house move being over and hopefully some sort of normality setting in…

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One Response to Stress ball

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    I know what you are going through!!! Minus the baby part. It will be crazy and you will want to take off forever and leave the kids with Jer, but you won’t and it will all work out. Every time you feel like taking off, just think about your neighbour and the fact that you will NEVER see him again. YOu will be FREE! Love you!!

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