Love thy neighbour…

…is only possible if they are not a complete XX$£$%£%$£%$*%&^% (insert swear word at will).

I have posted before about our difficulties with the upstairs neighbour before (prolonged building work on his flat with no warning or apology, music blaring at 3am, him leaving us stupid notes saying that we weren’t fit parents….and so it goes on).

His latest tactic is to pound on our ceiling every time Munchkin moves or speaks or plays. It is UNBELIEVABLE. We have an extremely well-behaved child who is only acting as any 2-year-old would (and better than a lot, I think) and yet we are having to resort to telling him he can’t run or jump or shout a little bit in his own home. This man’s behaviour is now what I would call harassment.

He owns the property and we rent ours. Technically, he is actually breaking the terms of his lease but when you try to act on something like this it is very difficult. The management company can’t do anything. The police won’t get involved. The council have a noise disturbance team but you have to call them out when the harassment is happening. They come out within an hour but the problem is that it is not constant banging and the chances are that he wouldn’t do it when they are here. Our only other avenue is legal action which we are looking into.

On the flip side we are having to move out of this flat anyway as our landlord plans to sell it by the end of this year. He asked us whether we’d like to buy it but much as we love it we can’t stay here with this freak above us. So looks like we will be moving out as soon as we can.

And this guy will feel like he has won by driving us out. My only consolation is that I believe in karma and karma will sort him out. Already he seems to have a completely pathetic life, he is in his 30s and lives with his mum. Doesn’t seem to have a job as he is in the house all day and genuinely is the most sour faced individual I have ever come across.

I just have to watch my temper till we move out and we will be free of him.

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4 Responses to Love thy neighbour…

  1. In our last place, we had the same problem and in the end it we decided we couldn’t tolerate it any longer and decided to move. There is nothing more anxiety-making than having nightmare neighbours. Your home should be your sanctuary, but there is no escape. Don’t feel like you’ve ‘lost’ because you’re moving out. You’re moving for your own sanity.

  2. londonmum says:

    so stressful.He actually came down this afternoon and had a go, referring to my son as “that thing”. Can’t wait to move out and get on with our lives. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Shelley says:

    He’s so unbelievably ridiculous that he’s comical…”that thing”?????? And/but I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my sense of humor if I had to cope with him. Hopefully you’ll find a new place sooner rather than later.

  4. londonmum says:

    we are seeing some places this weekend and our landlord has agreed that we can move out asap so fingers crossed. still can’t believe he said that about Aidan.

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