This too shall pass

Or not if it is the case of gas + baby. Oh yes, the curse of infant colic has struck this house and is contributing to severe lack of sleep and some frayed nerves all round.

Been there, done that with baby number one but doesn’t make it any easier at 3am.

Add this week the following: cupcake getting diagnosed with a clicky hip and needing a scan, me getting a uti, our upstairs neighbour continually hammering on our ceiling every time munchkin moves an inch (we are now looking into legal action), our landlord letting us know he needs to sell our flat by the end of this year so we will have to move out, starting to househunt in areas which are near good schools (along with the rest of London parents) and you end up with a bit of stressful week.

Next week Jer is back at work and I will start my stay at home parent role in earnest – I am slightly terrified.

On the good side, cupcake is gaining weight really well and apart from the colic seems good. Munchkin is coping better than I thought with the baby apart from a bizarre desire to poke her eyes! I have become known as “mummy and the baby”, no longer a single entity :-).

All in all, I suspect this is a pretty average week when a new baby is in the house and it can only get better.

True, right?????

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2 Responses to This too shall pass

  1. Shelley says:

    Can definitely only get better!!!!:-)

  2. mummykimmy says:

    Man! That IS a stressful week. Like Shelley says, it can only get better 🙂

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