Listography – ice cream

Oh, a subject after my own heart. I applaud the frivolity of this week’s choice from Kate Takes 5 for Listography. What are your favourite ice creams? I LOVE ice cream and it is a pleasure to devote my mind today to something that doesn’t involve burping babies, worrying about my nasty upstairs neighbour, missing spending quality time with my son (I am feeling a little bit baby blueish today, can you tell?)

Anyway, back to the ice cream:

1) A new entry – Heston Blumenthal’s chocolate and rosemary icecream

You can buy this at Waitrose in a new range of his which includes some fairly obscure flavours like Mustard (bleurghh) and Salted Caramel Popcorn (Husband is a fan, me not so much) but this Chocolate and Rosemary flavour is the bees knees. Good mix of bitter dark chocolate and a slightly weird herb taste. Trust me, it works. I could eat many tubs of this stuff.

2) Fior di latte

This is a flavour I became acquainted with and addicted to when I lived in Italy. It is essentially milk ice cream, not to be confused with plain vanilla. It tastes much more fresh than that and I love it because it reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to visit my grandpa in Scotland. There was an ice cream van that used to come round which was run by this expat Italian. They sold this flavour and I’d be sent outside with a bowl to get several scoops for everyone to eat as dessert. It is sweet and delicious and takes back me to so many memory places.

3) Strawberry Split

Mmmmm, hot summer’s day, ice cream van in Northern Ireland = strawberry split. Not the most glam of the ice lolly choices, nor the most expensive but I’d pick this any day. Right mix of refreshing icy strawberryness and creamy icecream. I could eat one right now!!

4) Mars ice cream

Man, is that a sexy image or what? I was in heaven when these babies came out years ago. Not much to say except YUM.

5) Sorbets

Truth told, despite all the other entries above I’d choose a bowl of sorbet over ice cream any day. I love the freshness of it, the way you get that condensed fruit flavour, it’s pure fruit. This is usually my choice of dessert option in restaurants. Favourite flavour? Melon…..

Check out the other entries here at Kate Takes 5.

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4 Responses to Listography – ice cream

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    You’s a bit posh innit?

  2. Nel says:

    It must be an Italian Scottish thing. I remember a fantastic Italian ice cream shop in Ayr,where my Granny lived. YUM.

    Mustard?? WTF?

    Salted popcorn, needs to be tried I think.

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