One week in….

On Saturday Cupcake was 1 week old and what a week it has been. We were able to come home on Sunday with her which was a fantastic relief after having had to spend a week in hospital when Munchkin was born. She also “survived” the scary midwife visit when they weigh the baby and tell you you are doing it all wrong. I had such a palaver (good word, eh?) with Munchkin because he lost 10.3% of his birth weight in the first week and they weren’t happy. I ended up having to express milk and give him top ups and it was all very stressful. This time I listened to a mixture of my instinct and some of what the midwife was saying and sure enough my milk came in and she is getting plenty. Her weight was absolutely fine and I am breathing a sigh of relief.

We also had the super fun of celebrating Munchkin’s 2nd birthday on Tuesday. I can’t believe he is 2 and am secretly a bit gutted. How dare he grow up into a big boy!!! We had a lovely day with him and he got lots of presents which he was actually interested in. Yesterday we are had a little party for him with a few friends, some cake and balloons and it was a very nice afternoon.

Thought I’d show a little bit of the aftermath of having baby number 2 and what our house and week has looked like.

iPhone self portrait while still in hospital































Cupcake contemplating her daddy

Lovely flowers that people have been sending us. I love having these in the house.

The washing machine is constantly on, usually full of pink stuff.

Birthday cards for Munchkin, new baby cards for cupcake. Everyone is being so kind.

A gift for Cupcake: Big bear as Munchkin has christened her. She is the girlfriend now of his bear. Let’s see how this romance works out.

Cupcake trying desperately to get away from Munchkin’s Bear. He gives her his bear every time he hears her cry, it’s very sweet.

We spend a lot of the day like this..

Babies are a whirlwind…

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3 Responses to One week in….

  1. Shelley says:

    Thank you for a lovely view of your family. So glad you’re doing so well:-)

  2. Ah yes that final picture looks rather familiar! You are looking great btw…

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