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Silent Sunday


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Listography – lessons learned

This week’s topic for Listography from Kate Takes 5 is a very timely one for me. It is “Lessons we have learned from our parents” – not the “how to tie your shoe lace kind” but ideally something a bit … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

featuring each week one of my favourite photos from my flickr archive

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Oh a house hunting we shall go! We started the search this morning and saw 3 places. One ok but really small, one massive but didn’t “feel” right and one which actually might be the “one”. We are to rent … Continue reading

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Love thy neighbour…

…is only possible if they are not a complete XX$£$%£%$£%$*%&^% (insert swear word at will). I have posted before about our difficulties with the upstairs neighbour before (prolonged building work on his flat with no warning or apology, music blaring … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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Listography – Gigs you’d like to be/have been at

This week’s listography from Kate takes 5 has the theme “5 gigs you wish you could be/have been at”. This is a goody. I love going to gigs although am a bit more limited now with the little ones here. … Continue reading

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