Thought I had escaped the middle of the night wakefulness period just before having a baby that I had last time but today is a different matter. Woke up at 4.35 am with that kind of “WOW I am WIDE awake feeling” that means you are really not going to get back to sleep. I went through about a month of this just before my son was born which, to be honest, I thought was a little unfair given the lack of sleep you get once the baby actually arrives. This time I have been relatively spared, I suspect because looking after a toddler is somewhat more knackering.

I used to get up then in the wee small hours of the night and drink a glass of really cold milk. I hate drinking milk but for some reason that is always what I wanted. So this morning I did this same and am now sat in front of my laptop wondering if I should attempt to go back to bed (to be woken up again in about an hour by my husband getting up) or just stay up and hit some kind of crazy sleep deprived high later in the day.

I suspect that waking up this early is a combination of 3 things:

1) it is really, blooming hot. Yesterday it apparently hit 30 degrees here in London. This is not that much fun when you are 41 weeks pregnant

2) aforementioned heat = sleeping with the window open. I am from Northern Ireland and we resist this idea as much as possible. However, the husband is American and thinks I am slightly nuts so open the window goes. This means that the lovely birdies outside suddenly increase in volume tenfold and they kick off around 4.30am at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am a closet twitcher but at 4.30am I’d take them all out with a BB gun, no probs.

3) the “oh my god I might actually have a baby in 3 days” syndrome is well and truly kicking in. Am booked in for a c-section on Friday if Cupcake doesn’t put in an appearance on her own first. Good news is that by Friday she’ll be with us. Bad news is that I am freaking out a leeetle bit about having another c-section.

The things you think about at “middle of the night o’clock”….

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