Fathers’ Day

Today is fathers’ day and I would like to celebrate my own dad.

This photo was taken of my dad and me when I would have been about 6 I think. Even then we had very similar colouring, same dark brown eyes, same hair colour. Here are just a few things that I love about my dad:

  • he is the most intelligent person I know. It stuns me and makes me feel very much like I should have studied more.
  • despite the above, he can’t wire a plug or put on a dvd.
  • he has the most integrity of anyone I know. He managed to create a successful career whilst being completely honest and never speaking a bad word about anyone.
  • he’s very funny in a daft way – we both find “You’ve been framed” equally hilarious.
  • he’s stuck way back in the last century – he called the airport the “aerodrome”, the cd player the “gramophone”, the tv the “box” and so on.
  • he loves my mum very much and is still very romantic.
  • he let me make my own mistakes always but was there to help pick up the pieces afterwards.
  • he used to give all my early boyfriends the silent treatment and they usually deserved it.
  • he has taught me about gourmet food, proper wine, good martinis, nice restaurants
  • he only exclusively listens to classical music and always has. He lived in London in the swinging 60s and yet would struggle to name a member of the Beatles. From him I know my opera.
  • he has accomplished so much in his life (the author of many books) but never EVER blows his own trumpet.
  • he will still chat on the phone for a bit and then say “i’ll hand you over to your mother…”
  • he cooks a mean paella but does it using up all the utensils in the kitchen and then some..
  • he ALWAYS wears a tie. There is a photo of him floating around somewhere sitting on an elephant in 100 degree heat, wearing a suit jacket and a tie.
  • i know he loves me very much.
Here he is just after getting his MBE from the Queen. Oh yes, and he gave me the excuse to put on a fancy hat and go see the Queen at Buckingham Palace!!
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2 Responses to Fathers’ Day

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    This post made me smile!!! It looks like you have an AWESOME dad and I love that you are so proud of him. Happy fathers day to him and to your equally awesome husband 🙂

  2. londonmum says:

    He is definitely an awesome dad! We are lucky to have such good men in our lives.

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