Listography – Inventions

Time for this week’s new Listography from Kate Takes 5. This week’s theme is “Inventions I wish were real” or “Inventions that would make my life easier”. I thought this might be quite difficult but once I started to think about it the ideas were flowing. If anyone out there decides to build any of these I would be eternally grateful but I also want a cut of the profits πŸ˜‰ Don’t forget you saw it here first!

In no particular order:

1) Travel teletransporter

A la Star Trek please. I used to really enjoy the travel part of going on holiday. I like airports, I like planes, I like driving hire cars. However, this was all before I had kids. Now I just want to get from A to B in 4 seconds flat without having to factor in which airport is nearest, whether the airline will charge extra to send a buggy, whether the hire car company has car seats, how long the iPad will amuse Munchkin for. Please just let me press a button and be at my destination relaxed!!!

2) Zapper to get rid of rude people

I hate rude people. And annoying people. And really loud people. And arrogant people. It would appear that I am not overly tolerant…but I mask it fairly well. I just nod and vaguely smile when confronted with any of the above. The speech bubble above my head reads “I really wish you would just disappear from the earth in front of me” so I’d like a zapper button that would make this actually happen.

3) Post office in my house

By this I mean, I would like someone to provide me with an endless supply of stamps, envelopes of various sizes, packaging, sellotape, string, birthday cards and all that paraphernalia that you need to go to the post office for. I would also like there to be the ability to then post whatever it is I need to post straight from some special box in my house. Post office visits always seem to require an extraordinary amount of time and at the most inconvenient times. In London the queues are endless and filled with crazy people. How relaxing this invention would be.

4) Automatic hair washer/dryer/styler

I wash my hair every day and I would love to have some sort of machine or button which would mean that by pressing it my hair would be washed, dried, straightened, curled, styled with one of the several creams I put in it. All in about 10 seconds. This invention would have 2 benefits: it would save me time in the morning and it would mean I always look groomed. Awesome.

5) Virtual changing room for online shopping

I am very into my online fashion shopping. However, often I don’t buy things because I am not sure if they will fit me or not. Alternatively, I order them in a couple of sizes with the intention of sending the one back that doesn’t fit and then keep it because I am too lazy to go to the post office (see above). I would love the ability to beam the clothes to me, try them on in front of my mirror at home and then either buy them or beam them back. How cool would that be??

Actually when looking for an image for that last one it seems that this already kind of being worked on…. brilliant!

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23 Responses to Listography – Inventions

  1. Helen at Casa Costello says:

    Love the virtual changing rooms – why can’t they have them in normal shops too?! Hate changing rooms & rude people!

  2. oh I like the idea of that virtual changing room, I could incorporate it into my interactive wardrobe.

  3. Kelly says:

    Ooo we have similar ideas, check out my ‘body maintenance booth’. I also love idea number five, it’s very similar to my long list of business ideas ( to make me my first million) I have in my head x

  4. Nel says:

    God yes, the Post Office. Good thinking.Ours is literally in the middle of a greasy spoon cafe. Don’t ask why.
    So as well as dealing with the grumpy Postmaster, keeping Sons in check I have to deal with waitresses passing by with plates of egg and chips.

    • londonmum says:

      in a greasy spoon cafe????? I have to ask how that’s even possible. Nothing like being stuck in a long post office queue only to come out smelling of fried food, delightful…

  5. @FayC says:

    Loving the list, such a waste of time in post office queues!

    I saw something online recently about an online retailer trialling a piece of software which would allow a user to put in all their vital statistics and it would alter the garment picture to show what it would like on. So don’t think your online changing room is too far away!

  6. I hate trying on pants so much that I would happily invest in the virtual change room invention! Great list.

  7. Keith says:

    Zapper for rude people!? Oh yes!

  8. Gemma says:

    yes! I love this list too! everyone has such great stuff!

    I hear you about the post office. I spend so much time there for my husband and it is highly annoying!

    The zapper would be great too have various pain levels and those hideous people could get the biggest pain infliction ever!

  9. The Rambling Pages says:

    Love the ideal of the virtual changing room, I would love to do more online shopping and don’t as I know if it doesnt look right when it arrives, I will never get round to returning it. I am with you on the teleportation and that made me list as well!

  10. Claire says:

    I’d love to have a post office in my house! I hate missing a delivery and having to go at weird hours to pick up parcels! Great list x

  11. That virtual changing room has to be a goer, surely? If it’s not been invented get it onto Dragon’s Den. It’s a brilliant idea. Fantastic list. Very funny and astute.

  12. mumsarcade says:

    I like the idea of the Post Office at home in particular as someone who never has an envelope for school dinner monies etc.
    I agree the virtual changing room either exists or needs to and very soon
    I did my first Listography today and am really enjoying reading the entries. Mine is over at

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