Blast from the Past

In my mega clear up which I mentioned here I came across some old family photos. One I am saving for Sunday as it has my dad in it but thought it would be fun to share the other ones here.

My mum and I at my grandparents’ house in Irvine, Scotland. I think I would have been about 3 years old here. It brings back lots of memories of that house, the floral bedspreads, the china tea cups, the 1950s wallpaper. My grandmother died from Parkinson’s when I was 4 so I don’t have that many memories of her. I remember her in things…plus my mum and I look very happy in this picture. She’s a great mum.

My brother and I in our room in my first house. This one makes me smile a lot. It looks so 1970s! The colours, the crazy swirly duvet cover, the toy soldiers wallpaper, the book my brother is reading to me. He is 2 years older than me, has a son of his own now and he lives too far away!

My brother and I plus our first cat, Trilby. I am modelling my ballet costume and Simon is wearing his Beaver (no jokes please…) uniform. Loving both our haircuts, doesn’t look like our mum cut our fringes herself at all, does it?

I call this my Prince Charles expression. I am wearing the costume I had for our ballet performance where I was a bluebell (I think?). I had a little flower hat to wear too. I did ballet from the age of 4 till about 7 and didn’t learn a thing, except that frilly clothes are pretty cool. Anna Pavlova I was not…

This photo was taken in the ladies’ loo at Paddington station in London, if I am not mistaken. My mum took me there to see this cat (slightly unusual choice of tourist destination, but hey…) because it was pretty famous at the time. It lived in the loos and it was gigantic. The poster says it weighed 32lbs and its name was Tibby. No idea what happened to this cat but I expect it suffered some sort of feline heart attack if you read what it ate. I love cats and my parents probably own a thousand pictures of me with cats all over the place.

My grandparents and my mum with Trilby the cat. This was taken before my brother and I were born and not sure in which house it was taken. The lady on the left in the completely psychedelic top is my mum’s mum, she had some style! The lady on the right is the grandmother I mentioned above. The gentleman on the left is my dad’s dad. He totally spoiled me and is entirely responsible for my sweet tooth. He always had a bar of dairy milk and a bottle of Barrs Cream of Soda stashed away somewhere for me. The gentleman on the right is my mum’s dad. He unfortunately suffered a stroke before I was born which left him unable to speak. He communicated via spelling out words on an alphabet board. When I was little this didn’t seem strange to me so I would quite happily sit and “translate” for him. Only now that I am older do I think about how incredibly frustrating it must have been for him to be in that position.
Sadly, by the time I was 19 all of my grandparents had passed on so didn’t get to meet my husband or my son. I love this photo as it is one of the few I have with all of them together.

It’s great looking back at old memories.

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3 Responses to Blast from the Past

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    I am such a sucker for old photos! You could post 5,309 of them and I would gladly sit and read everything you have to say about the people in them. Love that wallpaper at your first house. And your ballet costume. And that photo with the loo cat? SO random, it made me laugh.
    I hope you manage to sort out your birthing options soon! I have no advice at all (I just have one child!), BUT will be sending you tons of good energies during the next week. SO SOON! I cannot wait to meet your little miss 🙂

  2. londonmum says:

    thanks for the energy vibes coming my way! No news yet although I was sure I felt a twinge or two this morning. More wishful thinking than anything else I think.
    Old photos are great. I am quite happy to sit through albums and albums of my family and Jer’s family photos and hear about who everyone is. To be honest it was your vintage me posts that made me think about doing this, they are great!

    • silenceandnoise says:

      Haha, that’s good to hear 😉 I have been going through old photos lately and have spent (wasted?) many hours just remembering SO many people, places, clothes… it’s great!

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