The “mystery box”

Ah, the beauty of clearing up once in a while is sometimes you discover hidden treasures. I am in full on nesting mode (10 days to go…) and coerced my poor husband into a spate of DIY and tidying yesterday afternoon. We built the new chest of drawers we had bought for Munchkin’s room despite instructions that appeared to have been drawn by someone in their sleep and we moved the changing table into our bedroom in readiness for a certain little lady to arrive.

Moving things around also meant finally having to deal with the “mystery box” which had been brought with us to the house when we moved in about 2 1/2 years ago. You know those boxes that no one actually knows what is in them but they must be important otherwise you would have thrown the stuff away during the move? The ones that get shifted from room to room and incite comments like “we really must empty that box at some point” and then get put in a cupboard somewhere? Well, we finally emptied the box and put about 90% of the contents in the bin – old cables for mobile phones which have long since died a death, batteries, bookmarks, dried up pens, business cards from people you can’t remember meeting….

But what we did discover was some photos I had forgotten about so I thought I’d immortalise them here combined with a couple I found somewhere else yesterday. I took pictures of each one of them with my iPhone hence the quality being a bit weird but no matter.  They each make me smile for different reasons.

1. Probably the 1st photo of Jer and I together.

I say, probably, because I am not entirely sure but it’s a fairly safe bet. This was taken in his flat in South Kensington not long after we started going out in November 2005. I can’t get over how young we both look and I love the fact that we look so happy.

2. My 1st flying lesson

and my only flying lesson! This was a present from my parents for my 30th birthday (will I ever be brave enough to give my kids a potentially lethal present??). I have always wanted to fly a plane and this was an amazing experience. I love the fact that in this picture it looks like I was the only person flying the plane (there was an instructor!) and maybe you can’t see very well but I was grinning like a crazy person. It was so much fun. Unfortunately, I then learnt about how much it actually costs to take enough flying lessons to get a licence, plus how much a plane costs, plus how much it costs to keep it. That put a bit of an end to my Biggles dream but it is only on hold. One day I will get my licence and my own plane and then the sky is mine!

3. Cheesy honeymoon shot in Singapore

ha ha ha, I have discovered in my later years that I am a complete sucker for those photos that they take of you at tourist sites. These are the ones where you get posed in front of some ridiculous back drop or surrounded by a weird border and then charged a fortune for. I LOVE them and have convinced my husband into the value of these cheesy souvenirs too. Here is the first one we had done when we were in Singapore on honeymoon. What makes me laugh about this one is that it was on top of a mountain as we were about to get into a cable car but just looks like we are standing in front of some slightly depressing industrial backdrop.

4. Cheesy honeymoon shot in Hong Kong

This is my absolute favourite. Taken on the last stage of our honeymoon when we were in Hong Kong. I love it for 2 reasons: the first being that I am giving a crazy 2 thumbs up sign and the people next to us are totally nonplussed and the second being that I was pregnant by about 2 or 3 days here but obviously didn’t know that yet. Oh yes, Munchkin was a (planned) honeymoon baby.

5. Family shot in Palma aquarium

A particularly bad shot of all 3 of us taken this March at the aquarium in Palma, Mallorca. We have now sucked our first-born into the cheesy photo shoot scenario and am not sure he is buying it. However, I love our underwater world.

So glad that we finally emptied that mystery box and found some treasures.


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2 Responses to The “mystery box”

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  2. silenceandnoise says:

    Ahhhhh, love all of these photos!! Ha ha, and love that you found them in a mistery box! Seeing the progression.. dating, flying, married, honeymoon, baby on the way, family of three… priceless!!

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