Frock it no.5 – the BAFTAs 2011

Time for another “Frock it” – the idea comes as usual courtesy of This Mid 30s Life. I am loving this post idea as I think it ties in with a mixture of my inner fashion critic/bitchy side.

Lots of posts already on the sartorial elegance of the First Lady, Michelle Obama and our first lady, the Queen in a fab shamrock frock. Therefore, I thought I’d give you my take on the BAFTAs, alway ample ground for fashion wins and losses.

Starting with the Good:

Kara Tointon in Temperley. Such a beautiful, ethereal dress which she has matched perfectly with her grecian hair style and silver accessories. It almost verges on the bridal but I think stays on the right side of just being very pretty. Lovely.

On to the Bad:

Michelle Collins in Nadine Beradi. I can’t really pick out what I dislike about this dress in particular, it is just all a bit wrong. The weird mesh top, the huge silver discs, the black cuff. Don’t know, just don’t like.

Finally, the Ugly:

Amy Childs in “something from a Disney movie?” This dress is so wrong I almost like it.  Got to admire those girls from the Only Way is Essex as they went all out. I could cut them some slack except for the fact that they spent most of the night hoiking their dresses up. Isn’t that one of the points of fake boobs, that they keep your dress up? Maybe I have misunderstood that point..

My last one is my “I’m on the fence about this”

Hayley Atwell – not sure of the designer. I think I quite like this dress but then I take a second look and am not sure. What do you think?

Pop on over to This Mid 30s Life to see the rest


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5 Responses to Frock it no.5 – the BAFTAs 2011

  1. Agree with all your comments, particularly Michelle Collins’ dress which I thought was not very nice at all. Quite like the Hayley Atwell dress – classy and simple, I think.

  2. Agree, agree, agree!!

    That first dress is AMAZING, so beautiful. Although I think some higher shoes were needed?

    As for the final number, I like it. But the hair needed to be more structured, some kind of up-do methinks. And a better bag. It’s a beautiful dress but she’s dressed it down. (Because I’m such a stylist of course.)

  3. Clare says:

    Yes, love all of your choices! I’m not sure about the last one, it reminds me a little of the dress Julia Roberts wore when she won her Oscar, but not as nice!

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