Listography – Finals…

This week Katetakesfive Listography feature is being taken over by Reluctant Housedad and the theme he has chosen is “Finals”. Inspired by the failure of Rapture this is all about what your last things would be. Difficult one this one but here we go:

Final Supper

Starter = Burrata (a super duper version of mozzarella) and tomato salad, drenched in good olive oil and sprinkled with rock salt and freshly torn basil leaves.

Main = Chargrilled filet steak, medium rare, served with homemade mashed potatoes (equal parts butter, cream and potato!), and some steamed asparagus.

Dessert = Creme brulee……..oh yummm

Final Words

“I love you” – hopefully to my family (would be weird if it happened to be to a stranger!)

Final Destination

Now really it doesn’t matter as long as my loved ones are with me but if I had the opportunity to get there fast then it would have to be the hotel where Jer and I spent most of our honeymoon. It is called the Datai and is on the island of Langkawi, off the coast of Malaysia. This place is paradise (in fact I really don’t want to wait till the world is about to end before going back there!)

Final Resting Place

Got to be scattered in an ocean somewhere, none of that in the ground nonsense for me. Think I’d quite like my ashes to be scattered from the pier that goes out into the Atlantic ocean in the village where I grew up, Castlerock in Northern Ireland. It’s wild, beautiful and unpredictable. Plus there would be a fair chance of a Big Lebowski comedy moment as it’s pretty windy!

Final Act of Intimacy

Group hug with my husband and son. Munchkin has just learnt how nice it is and it is the best feeling in the world.

You can join in this Listography by visiting Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad.

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8 Responses to Listography – Finals…

  1. I hope you get to go back to Datai before the Apocalypse!! It looks idyllic x

  2. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Did you cook that creme brulee and if so can you teach me how? Num num. I love that Big Lebowski got a mention – one of me top 5 films!

    • londonmum says:

      whilst I can claim to have made the starter and the main, unfortunately I’ve never made Creme Brulee. I am rubbish at desserts and don’t own a blowtorch. I know technically you could do it under the grill but I am fixated with the fact that you need a blowtorch. I often go and look at them in cookery shops but then talk myself out of buying something that I will only use for Creme Brulee. Ridiculous really…..maybe I should put that on my Final list – make the god damn Creme Brulee myself.
      Big Lebowski is a fantastic film, never get tired of watching the Dude.

  3. Oh. My. Golly. God. That is the most mouthwatering post I’ve ever seen. Just delicious. I’ve never had burrata, but I’m a huge fan of buffalo mozzarella. It sounds fantastic.
    Brilliant list. Thanks for posting

    • londonmum says:

      Thank you! Burrata has to be tried to be believed. I was introduced to it when I lived in Italy and essentially the outside is like normal Buffalo mozzarella but when you cut it open is much more like cream inside. It is divine. I know you can buy it in a couple of places in London, like at Borough market. Worth looking out for.
      Loving reading everyone else’s lists on your blog.

  4. Gemma says:

    Loved your ‘finals’ particularly the burrata. I am SO searching for this!

  5. Love this list and your meal caught my eye. The burrata sounds gorgeous. Perfect for a summer final supper…!! as for creme brulee I know what you mean. I think grilling does not work as well as it is not as quick so the creme starts to heat up. All in all a good reason to buy it not make it… 😉

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