Frock it

Another 1st go for me in the blogging world. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of a meme before this evening and am still not entirely sure what it is!

This idea comes from a blog called This Mid 30s Life and is called Frock it.  You post about an outfit you have come across during the week that you either love or hate.  It can be a celeb, a friend, whatever takes your fancy.

I am going to cheat and put two: one that I think looks amazing and one that is beyond awful (hope that is in the rules!). Both are from Cannes 2011 festival.

Amazing =

Man, don’t you just hate Diane Kruger???? She looks fabulous in pretty much everything and it doesn’t hurt that she has Joshua Jackson on her arm but this dress takes it to a whole new level. It is molten gold gorgeous.

Not amazing =

 Controversial maybe but I really think there is a fine line between daring and tacky and here Cheryl Cole has crossed it. I am a big fan of hers normally so it takes a lot for me to say she looks bad. Class it up a bit Cheryl for goodness sake!

P.S. what are those 2 gold things hanging at her waist? Pears? Avocados??

What do you think about the two outfits?

Plus if you fancy joining in you can do so here at This Mid 30s life‘s blog

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16 Responses to Frock it

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Whoa – tack city. Sack the stylist Cheryl.

  2. Nel says:

    What was Cheryl Cole doing at Cannes? Isnt it all about the films? and weird dress, what is the metal thing on her stomach? I have tilted the laptop in different angles and still can’t work it out. Husband says its bells… and I quote “Ding Dong!” I’ve sent him to bed for being an idiot.

  3. Clare says:

    I agree about Chezza, those golden embellishments seem only to echo the shape of her boobs, and that job is being done well enough already by the Grand Canyon slit down the front.

    She looks incredibly uncomfortable in it, naked almost. There are some pictures around of her after the ‘red carpet’ when she has changed into a much more beautiful dress and you can almost see the relief and relaxation on her face.


    • londonmum says:

      yes, I saw the other dress she wore and it was really lovely. She’s a bit hit and miss with some of the things she wears. Wasn’t keen on the outfit she wore to the American X factor auditions either.

  4. Horrible dress, Cheryl, just horrible. Mind you, I’m afraid I’m not keen on Diane K’s frock either – it’s a bit oven-ready-chicken for my liking: I’m not big on metallics.

  5. Some kind of spray painted death-moth? Agree. Stylist to go…

  6. Mid 30s Life says:

    If I’m honest I don’t like either! Diane Kruger is beautiful and she still looks incredible in that picture, but that dress looks like an Oscar statue. It’s just too tight and gold. If there is such a thing as too tight and gold?

    Completely agree with you on Cheryl’s dress – what ARE those gold things? Pears? Avocados? Testicles? Without them the dress would be OK. Also, she is so naturally beautiful that all that makeup just takes away from it. You can barely see her face.

    Thanks for joining in, I’m glad you’re getting into memes, they’re good fun. I’m really enjoying this week’s Frock It, thanks for joining in. xx

    • londonmum says:

      this is so much fun. Loving reading the comments on my post and checking out everyone else’s Frock it!
      Cheryl is a gorgeous girl who should just tone it down a bit.

  7. Er…bells might be the right answer to WTF are those things on her belly? Love the description of molten gold!

  8. Glynis says:

    Agree…………..the gold dress is beautiful but Cheryl ………looks like a pair of castanets to me and why do they feel the need to show all that cleavage which isn´t attractive. Plus Cheryl´s hair just seems to get bigger and bigger these days.

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