Boys will be boys

or will they?

Munchkin seems to be conforming to all the “rules” around the fact that boys are into cars, trucks, diggers, trains, bikes and pretty much any form of transport. Without fail the first words he says when he wakes up in the morning are usually “tractor” or “digger”, he is OBSESSED. I wonder whether in some way boys are just hardwired to like things like that or in some way we as parents have conditioned him like that. To be fair, most of his toys, which other people have bought him, are things like cars and tractors and a lot of the books we read are about that type of subject.

He certainly doesn’t have any dolls or more traditionally girlie things to play with like an ironing board or a push chair. This is not because I don’t want him to play with things like that but just that we’ve never bought or been given that type of thing.

Would he play with a doll if I bought him one? Am really tempted to find out as I don’t want to push him in any particular direction. Am I crazy to worry about this sort of thing already?

I know that when we are in an environment where there is a mixture of gender stereotypical toys he will gravitate towards the more “boy” type of things so maybe that is just what boys do. It will be interesting to see what our little girl does when she arrives as she will have more of a mixture of toys to play with.

Here’s some evidence of a couple of Munchkin’s favourite things..

Would love to know your thoughts or experiences around this.


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6 Responses to Boys will be boys

  1. Kim says:

    Interesting… my boy’s only 6 weeks but I’ll be intrigued to see which toys he prefers as he gets older…
    PS I found your blog thru your comment re hypnobirthing on BMB. I used it too and swear by it!

    • londonmum says:

      lovely to have you stop by 🙂 let me know what you see as your wee one gets older.
      Hynobirthing techniques very much helped me with Munchkin’s birth and I really need to dig out my cd to have some practice over the next few weeks.

  2. Nel says:

    My younger one is car mad at 17months, but I am sure only because there are so many cars and boys stuff lying around belonging to the older one. So I went crazy and bought him a pushchair and he loves it. He pusheshis cars around in it!! He also enjoyed covering a fireman with a tissue for bedtime the other day. I muttered to Husband that I was thinking about buying him a doll if I saw one at a car boot.. did not go down well!

    • londonmum says:

      that’s interesting to hear. Munchkin went in a bee line for a pink pushchair at the park this weekend and my husband seemed very surprised that he would even be interested in it. What is it about dads in that way?

  3. andrea says:

    Bresho is the same! Loves his cars! Trains! Trucks! But also loves the colour pink! Ha ha ,… we find this really funny. If he has a colour choice, he will always pick “peenk”. We think that it’s because we got him some bath crayons and one was pink (the other was purple). I did it because those colours were on sale and I really didn’t care. Anyway, so the first colours he learnt were pink and purple. So now, he prefers those two over the rest.
    I really don’t think they are “wired” or anything like that… I think they just go for what they “know” which, in the case of boys, is all those truck and toy cars we (or other people) have bought him. Bresho has an Elmo and he babies him all the time… it does not seem weird because it does not like a doll, but he basically does everything a little girl would do to a doll.
    I told Ku I want to get Bresho a toy kitchen and he was kind of confused… so I explained that that’s why boys grow up to be sexist… if he plays with a toy kitchen, he will see it as “normal” and it is possible that he will grow up thinking the kitchen is not only for girls…
    Anyway, this stuff is really interesting to me.

    • londonmum says:

      Totally! I expect you are right when you say they are not “wired” one way or another. It’s just what we expose them to. I am curious to see whether Munchkin plays with any of the more girlie toys that his sister will no doubt get bought. His favourite colour is Yellow (who knows why) but he thinks everything is yellow!

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