University reunion weekend a.k.a the pink house ladies

So named because in the 2nd year of university we shared a house that was painted an unfortunate shade of pink. A bit like putty. It really wasn’t very nice…

These girls know me better than most. We’ve been friends since we were 18 which is now *shock horror* 16 years ago. We met because some of us were in the same corridor in halls in our first year of university at Manchester. Our rooms were next to each other and so the core group of myself (Banana), Maria (Maz, Mazzle dazzle), Wendy (Wenderella) , Meredith (Meri), Michelle (Mitchy)  and Catherine (Shacks) was born. We gathered 2 others into the fold shortly afterwards, Sinead (Bobbles) and Sarah (Kitey), both of whom are old school friends of Maria and who lived in Manchester too. We had a lot of laughs, some arguments, many debates, too many drunken escapades at university and formed such a strong bond that we have stayed in touch over the years via email and thankfully, quite often in person. It has been tricky sometimes as we have been fairly scattered about but we meet up at least once a year, sometimes more. Recently weddings and babies has given as an even better excuse for a get together. Along the way we have somehow acquired 4 husbands, one fiance, one boyfriend and 6 kids with 2 more on the way. Our lives have changed beyond all recognition from when we were 18 and leaving home for the first time but get us together and put a glass of fizz in our hands and it feels like nothing has changed (except that now we can afford champagne as opposed to £2.99 fake stuff!)

I love these girls and their families with all my heart so it was fantastic to have everyone down here in London for the weekend. Here are some of the pics we took (mixture of mine and Meri’s)

Group shot beside the London Eye at Waterloo.

Indiana Munchkin – random hat but it ties on hence it is a keeper

Munchkin sharing his bike with Meri’s youngest, Dominic

Munchkin successfully chatting up Sinead

I have lots of other photos of the rest of the group but you never know whether people are ok with posting pics of their kids so you are basically getting lots of Munchkin pics.

Can’t wait to see my ladies again soon!

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